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Chez Larsson

The Lamp

008 (2)

Remember the brown lamp base I found while I was thrifting? Well I overhauled it.

I started out by removing the cables as they were also brown and did not go with what I had in mind. Come to think of it I can’t think of anytime brown cables go. I also removed the black fittings for the bulb and bought the white parts that you see next to the base. The wood lamp base got a bit of a sanding down to key the surface before, you guessed it, painting it.



After wiping away every little bit of dust from the base I used high gloss spray paint in yellow. It took quite a few very thin coats to get good coverage…

004 (2)


… but I’m really happy with the sunny result. Actually the color looks a little weird here and on the can top, it’s actually brighter and not so banana-y as it appears in these shots. Rewiring with clear cable also helped update the base.



I hadn’t thought of a lamp shade until I was ready to start using the lamp and I realized I didn’t have a good match so I took this pleated and slightly yellowed shade and removed the shade part…



… which left me with the bare frame. I hadn’t intended to have a ghost shade but I kind of like it.



I placed the lamp on my desk. It’s not an ideal desk lamp, I still need to get a proper (why are they all SO expensive?) one but I like the look of my yellow lamp there. For now.