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Chez Larsson

Ideas You Should Steal


A while ago I was approached by Lauren and Courtney of Kelly + Olive. They were putting together an e-book with fun projects and asked if I'd like to submit one of mine. All the proceeds were to go to a charity called Dwell with Dignity. Of course I said yes and here it is.


Here are Lauren and Courtney's own words about the project:

Ideas You Should Steal contains 17 fun projects submitted by top home, craft, and lifestyle bloggers from all over the web. Learn how to make an end table out of a suitcase, how to stencil your walls using a toilet paper roll, or even make your own rug! We know there is a project in here that will inspire you!

For a donation as little as $1, you can have a copy of your own. And we're happy to say that 100% of the proceeds of this book go to Dwell with Dignity! Dwell with Dignity was founded to help hard-working individuals and families in need to just that – dwell with dignity. using re-purposed and recycled items, they create beautiful and creative homes for families in transitional housing, giving deserving families a fresh start and a new outlook on life. Hopefully, such inspiration will help them break the punishing cycle of poverty and homelessness and give them a new outlook on life.

So, to download and read about the rest of the projects by 16 awesome bloggers, please donate US $1 (or more…) for your copy of the e-book here.