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Chez Larsson

Kitchen Demo


On Thursday I went to sign the final documents for the house and after that was done Wille and I hopped in a cab with tools in tow to start demoing our kitchen.



Priority no.1 for us was to remove everything from the kitchen so our contractors can lay a new floor in there and fix the ceiling in between the kitchen and living room before the IKEA kitchen arrives at the end of next week (to be assembled and mounted the week after probably).



I was lucky to have Wille on hand on Thursday and he also came of Friday afternoon to carry some of the heavier stuff. Actually, seeing this photo makes me realize how much we got done this weekend! Check this out:



We started out by taking down the original double sided glass cabinet from 1954. I have plans for it!



Then we took down the upper cabinets which revealed a red area on the wall. Odd.



By Thursday night the front wall was gone and for the first time I could sort of picture the new layout of the kitchen.


031 (2)

Friday was spent removing the rest of the cabinets and on Saturday I had the pleasure (not) of removing the tiles. Boy, someone really did a good job putting those up because they took forever to remove! And they left me with huge holes in places.



Lovely mess from chipping away the tiles and what held them up. Let me put it this way, the shower I had that night was one of my best ever.



So after tearing up the cork floor tiles this is what’s left. I managed to remove all the electrics (shutting off the mains first of course!) but the stove. It’s hooked up in a way I can’t figure out so I need to wait for the electrician to fix it. I hate that stove btw. Not because it’s the most hideous diarrhea colored thing ever but because it makes the weirdest squeaky noise even when it’s not on! It’s driving me bananas! I .Can’t. Wait. To. Get. Rid. Of. It!

That’s the kitchen so far.