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Chez Larsson

List No.17: So Far at The New House

I had a super busy Easter weekend but I got a lot done. Here’s what:

* Gutted the kitchen (except for pesky stove…)

* Pulled up about about 960 nails (averaging 30 nails x 32 planks…) from kitchen floor.

* Tore up floor in Wille’s room.

* Tore up floor in attic room.

* Painted Wille’s room.

* Painted attic room (will need third coat this weekend…).

* Got countless bruises and scratches. Honestly, I look like a scratched up salami.

* Turned one of the compost heaps.

* Spread compost in flower bed at the front of the house for a tad bit more curb appeal..

* Mowed lawn.

* Fertilized lawn.

* Watered lawn and flower beds.

* Played with neighbor puppy Kenzo. Too cute!

* Taped off hobby room for spray painting this weekend.

* Bought very cute vacuum cleaner.

* Bought sink & paint supplies.

* Got three splinters.

* Had way too many cookies and too too much soda. No champagne.


I thinks that’s about it. Oh, I also took the old kitchen cabinets down to the basement with Wille’s help. I’ve decided they won’t go into the laundry room, but the hobby room instead. I think it’ll turn out great!

And yay! It’s the weekend again! This week flew by and I can’t wait to get more done at the house!

Happy weekend!