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Chez Larsson

Ljust och Fräscht



Haha! I received a book by snail mail from the authors Fredrik Lindström and Henrik Schyffert. Fredrik and Henrik are well known to a Swedish television audience as comedians.

I’d translate the book title “Ljust och Fräscht” to “Light and Airy”, ie what everyone wants their home to be. They’ve done a layman’s study on Swedish home design and are discussing the interior design mania that we’re experiencing right now. The book includes lots of fun lists such as “Things you should have gotten rid of” (Bruce Springsteen on cassette, The Lion King bath towel”…), “Items that can be turned into mini bars” (globes, jukeboxes, grandfather clocks…) but the basics of what they’re saying is really true, we’re obsessed with home design and at the moment it needs to be light and airy!



I so wish there was an English version of this book because I think you’d love it. Meanwhile I’ll be re-reading it and giggling because it’s all so very true and I’m right there wanting my new home to be just that, light and airy.