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Chez Larsson

Two More Books


Remember my list of favorite home related books?

I have two more to add!

1) When I posted the list I got an e-mail from Nicole in Switzerland. She had two copies of Big Book of Small Cool Spaces by AT’s Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan and asked if I would like her spare copy. Yes, please! (Thank you so much Nicole!!!). I love it. Lots of great photos of lived in spaces and homes. Definitively inspiring!

2) Speaking of inspiring; Yvonne mentioned in a blog post that her home is featured in Holly Becker’s newly released book Decorate. I wasn’t going to buy any more stuff before moving but I had to get this book so I could check out Yvonne’s place and Anna-Malin’s too. Again, book love and inspiration overload!

Btw, a nice surprise caught my eye in the sources section at the back too where my blog was mentioned. (Thank you so much Holly!)

So, if you’re in need of home related inspiration, these books are for you!