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Chez Larsson

List No.21: Things I need to Get for the House Part 2


Um, so after last weeks list I got a few things for the house…

* Living room furniture. Seriously, I have a bed in there (not counting the new bed I got at IKEA on Sunday which I sleep on) and a bookshelf and that’s it. And why, oh why didn’t I get the two armchairs I saw at the local charity shop yesterday? I’m betting they will be gone when I get there tomorrow… I got them! Wille was a bit surprised to say the least when he saw them but I explained that I have plans… I think I'll do a quick fix on the cushions to begin with just to cover up those pink florals… The name? Galaxy! And no, they weren't a bargain I'm afraid but they are very swively and very comfortable and very white. And Mini likes them.

* A carpet for the living room. I think I will need something to pull the sitting area together.

* Fabric for a shower curtain. Oooh, I still need to show you the bathroom! Wiiiiie!

* An assortment of lamps. Lamps are so tricky. And expensive.

* A TV for the upstairs hall/den. Once we have that we can move the white one from upstairs to downstairs.

* A full length mirror for the hall. I accidentally left ours at the old house when we moved. I got one at the charity shop but it turns out it's like one of those mirrors at the fun fair where you look really short and stumped. I think I need to get another one, it's not good for self esteem.

* A small writing desk for me. I’ve given up on the idea of the home office upstairs. Check out that mid century brown thing by the window!

* A bedside table for me and one for Wille. I ordered a Camponibili and will pick it up this weekend!

* An armchair for the den.

* Hooks for the hall. Ordered!

* A table for outside. I'm making do with a couple of old trestles and an old oilcloth covered table top this summer. Next year I hope to build a deck/get a deck built and then I'll get a proper table.

So, this weekend I'm super busy. Again. I'll try and finish Wille's built in shelves and hopefully I'll be able to start organizing the basement. Oh, and I also want to paint. Like everywhere. Look at the photo above and you can see why. And on Sunday my friend Sanna is coming over and if the weather's nice I hope we'll do some weeding. I'll also try to squeeze in a bath and some wine drinking. Actually the wine drinking is a given.

Happy Weekend!