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Chez Larsson

Little Loo Shelf Makeover


We have a small WC on the hall level and as I’ve said before I’m not doing anything dramatic to it just yet but we do need a little bit of storage in there. I found this wooden plank in the basement and it had somewhat the correct dimensions.




So I cut it down to the right size with the intention to add brackets I had bought but as I was tapping the shelf into place it got stuck between the walls and I realized no brackets were necessary!

It’s one ugly shelf though, scribbles underneath and all, free floating or not, so something needed to be done about it. I considered paint but I wanted a quick, fairly no mess, fix.



Enter a scrap bit of wallpaper from the old house and some wallpaper paste. It’s not the correct type of paste for that type of wallpaper but in that instance I couldn’t care less. I just slapped it on, let it soak for a little while and then…



… after a bit of drying time, Hey Presto, a Wild Flower green shelf.



Oh, and I went to Ikea on Sunday (don’t go to Ikea on a rainy Sunday) and among way too much other stuff got the towel hooks and matching TP holder and T-brush. Cheap and simple.