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Chez Larsson

Wille’s Shelves


Wille’s room is coming together nicely.

As you can see this is where the armchair from our former living room ended up. Wille loves having it in there for reading and studying. He did need storage though. There are built in closets in his room but he also needed something for his books.

This nook is prefect for a built in book shelf so that’s what I gave him. Oh, if you can’t remember what his room looked like before you can see it here and underway here.



The supports are strips of wood screwed into the wall. The shelves themselves are store bought melamine shelves which I cut to size.



I left gaps to one side for cables and cut notches in the shelves accordingly and there’s an electrical outlet under the bottom shelf. Remember, the sugar cube Empire State Building on the top shelf lights up.



I then painted the supports so they would blend into the wall and I used the same emulsion paint that I used for the walls.



And that’s the finished result. I have a small issue with the bottom shelf bowing slightly because of the weight of those big books but the camera is making it look much worse than it actually is. I’ll probably add a support “beam” to the front of the shelf to rectify that.

One happy seventeen year old. Check!