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Chez Larsson

Door 27


Anna, don’t worry, I’m not copying you, other than showing what’s up with my house number. I have absolutely nothing against enamel house numbers but when it’s worn and rusty it’s not the neat clean look I’m after I’m afraid.

I’ve been looking for nice house numbers for a while but hadn’t really found anything good. Either it was a horrid font, horrriiiid finish (“weathered” plastic faux brass anyone?) or super expensive. Then I went to get something entirely different at my favorite DIY store Clas Ohlson and there they were!

I didn’t want my numbers flush to the wall though but rather at a small distance. I couldn't find any little tube to help with that but came up with using regular stainless steel washers instead.



I stacked ten washers behind each screw and attached it all to the wall.



Here’s the sideway view. It would have looked neater with a tube of some sort but this works well and besides, I don’t think my guests will lay their cheek against the wall to peek underneath. Or maybe now they will.




Oh, I switched out he light too. It’s also from Clas Ohlson. They have the best simple stuff at very affordable prices.

Door 27.