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Lactose Free Clip


I think I’ve told you before that I’m lactose intolerant. Anyway, I am. Wille’s not. Lactose free products taste a little bit differently from regular (at least Wille says so) so we buy both types of milk. The fact that lactose free products are twice the price is also a factor when it comes to buying both…

I kept getting confused as to which glass was Wille’s and which one was mine after I’d poured them and came up with the idea of marking the lactose free one somehow. I keep office clips in the kitchen for closing small bags of produce and the smallest one is perfect as a lactose free marker!

The fact that there are two pita breads on Wille’s plate and only one on mine might have given away that this was my glass on this occasion though…


  • Hxx says:

    Even your lunch looks stylish!! Don;t let the clip ping off into the milky depths!

  • Josi says:

    Hey hey what a clever idea this is! Lactose free milk is a bit sweeter than ‘normal’ milk because the milk sugar has been split up in two other types of sugar (shorter chains..) that taste slightly sweeter.. so it’s not just Willes sentiment 🙂
    I’m also lactose intolerant and make my own yoghurt from ‘normal’ milk, the only thing you have take care of is to incubate the milk for at least 12h up to 24h (the longer you incubate the less lactose will be in it because the yoghurt making bacteria make lactic acid from the lactose..)
    A yoghurt maker costs 10Euros here in Germany and it makes 1L yoguhrt, all you need is 1L warm milk and 2-3 spoons of natural yoghurt as a starter.. I love it and save so much money. If I would buy lactose free stuff I would pay at least two times more sometimes even three or four 🙁 it sucks!
    Yummy greetings from Berlin. Josi

  • ebru Gage says:

    I grew up part in Turkey and when I was a little girl my mom and her friends had tea parties where they were serving tea in the darnest , cutest little tea cups and to know which cup is whose they had tiny little clothespins in different colors….Memories…
    On lactose intolerance : I highly recommend kefir. It is easier than yoghurt making and the active bacteria is highly efficient in breaking lactic acid…Just put the starter in milk for 24 hours, no heating or incubating needed and the strain the kefir grains , put them in milk or water until next time and done.Enjoy plain cold or like my son with mango- like mango lassi…
    ‘Nuff said, have a great , happy day !

  • April says:

    We used to do something like this with mini wooden clothespins. But even though they were mini, they were still long enough to poke you in the eye when you went for a drink, if you weren’t careful.
    So, careful not to hurt yourself! Otherwise this is great. 🙂

  • mribaro says:

    Totally off topic: could you show us your living room? Even if it’s unfinished? Pretty pleeeaaase? 🙂

  • You will see a glimpse tomorrow and more later :).

  • cath says:

    I really love your blog for a long time (even if it’s y first com…)
    And since you moved, I am very happy to discover your new house little pieces by little pieces.
    Thank you so much to share this with us. It give me courage and ideas to do the same at home…
    What energy you have !! I really admire you !!!
    (sorry for my poor English…)

  • cath says:

    Sorry, I mean “MY” first com…

  • mribaro says:

    Yippeeee! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    My first thought was..why not use different glasses, until I remembered how UN-Benita like that would be!! Momentary lapse!
    Is Willie a vegetarian? His pitas look to be vegetables only.

  • homestilo says:

    My heart breaks for you: no dairy products allowed?! Clever idea with the clip though.

  • I can eat dairy if I have a Lactasine pill or two to go with it. A lot of products are available without lactose though so I’m ok :).

  • They do! But he’s not. His ground beef was hiding under the veg 🙂

  • r8chel says:

    I just recently started using little silver binder clips instead of those bright plastic chip clips. Glad to know I’m in good company. 🙂

  • Benita– I don’t know if you’ll go for this, but I use these drops: to turn regular milk into lactose-free milk (I do it so I can buy organic milk– both organic and lactose-free don’t seem to come in the same carton!). The cost per carton is much better this way for me. I don’t know if they sell something similar in Sweden, but health food stores in the U.S. seem to carry them.

  • Aqeela says:

    Another excellent idea from you, i would love to have you living next door to me and popping in to share your wisdom!
    Aqeela xx

  • Kathy says:

    This is a great idea! At our house when we have many kids over, I just use a dry-erase marker to put their initial or name on their glass. It wipes right off afterwards.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your new home!

  • Sarah says:

    I am totally a vegan and not having dairy is not a big deal…especially if you reside in America and can consume awesome Soy Delicious ice cream!!!! 😛
    I am also lactose intolerant though and those special lactose pills are SO expensive if you have to have milk i.e. it is in certain medications.

  • Jane says:

    It would be really cool to do something to your glass like you did to Wille’s door at the old house, I know you can do glass etching or something like it and have it say NO MILK or something more witty and original!
    Your lunch is making me hungry!

  • Jaimie says:

    You know lactose intolerance is normal? The genes that allow you to digest milk are supposed to shut off around 6 years of age, but in many people of European descent they remain functional into adulthood.

  • Nancy says:

    My MIL used to identify different glasses by wrapping different coloured elastic bands around the glasses. We use it on son’s water bottles at soccer and hockey games in addition to writing their name on it. It is quick and easy to identify and it won’t poke your eye out.
    My DS is allergic to dairy protein so I have gotten used to searching out all sorts of dairy free products. There is now a really good “cheese” made in Canada called Daiya.

  • Susan says:

    I love all the great ideas my daughter was recently found to be lactose intolerant so I will use many of the suggestions.

  • I haven’t heard of the drops, but I keep capsules that are similar at work, in my bag and at home in the kitchen.

  • E. says:

    Some restaurants signal to servers “decaffeinated coffee here” by putting a small doily in the saucer under the cup. The servers, when refilling the coffee, see the doily and never get it wrong! A good trick for big groups or parties.

  • GSims says:

    Oh I miss the taste of full cream milk! I do agree with Wille that it tastes different but after using lactose-free for a while you get used to it.