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Chez Larsson

Number of Boxes


So I guess you’ve all been holding your breaths ever since I moved and are dying to know how many boxes I ended up using?

Before starting to pack my own guess would have been around 40 but my friend Anne urged me to get a hundred. I was like, “No way I’m going to use one hundred boxes!”.

Um. I packed. Packed. Packed. And then packed some more.


The three I didn’t have to begin with but our movers got them from their van to protect the microwave, a large lamp shade and something else which I’m not sure about.

I still can’t believe I used that many but I’m blaming it ALL on the movers wanting EVERYTHING boxed in uniform boxes so I packed my plastic bins in their boxes kind of thing  So they weren’t really filled to the brim. Excuses, excuses. Anyway, I urge you to get twice as many boxes than you think you’ll need when moving. AT LEAST!

So who won? Remember I said I’d send a little something to whoever guessed the correct amount.

We have three winners!

Meghan who said: 103 is the number that keeps coming to mind… good luck… we packed up our life a year ago and i swear no matter how many boxes we had we always needed more!

Notablogger who wrote: We packed our house for storage last year – 103 boxes inventoried and color-coded for rooms should we ever get to unpack them. So… 103 for you, too!

Stephanie in Seattle who guessed: 103 boxes 😀 Congratulations on your new house, by the way!

Congratulations! I’ll be in touch to get your snail mail addresses!


Ps. Where those boxes are is where the Expedit stands now.