Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson



So my next big paint project is under way. It’s the upper hall/den that need a bit of a makeover. That sea grass was installed in the 70’s I believe and while I have nothing against the texture, the beige needs to go. And don’t worry, you CAN paint over it, I already started in the den section to the right of this photo and it takes three coats but looks perfectly fine!

As you can see I painted behind the base boards before they were put up after the floor was laid so there wouldn't be a dark shadow in between.

This photo isn’t telling the whole truth about this paint project actually. I already did the worst part which was to scrape, sand and spackle the molding at the top. It was peeling badly and it’s the kind of job I hate because it’s 1) messy and 2) boring. So glad that’s done. Now I can enjoy painting the ceiling and the walls. The trim, doors and windows also need painting but that’s my summer vacation project.

Oh, and I desperately need to find a nice ceiling light for that stairwell. I want something that’s not open underneath, so a globe shape or similar. I considered a le Klint but I’m a little bored with it because everyone who seems somewhat interested in design here in Sweden seems to have it. Any suggestions? I’m willing to splurge a little on this one.