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Chez Larsson

Front of House Progress


I’m so excited! Later this week I will hopefully get my delivery of materials for the front yard. I can’t wait! I’ve hated everything about this side of the front yard ever since the snow thawed and all the weeds and ugly pink stones were revealed.



My first mission was to get rid of the weedy “lawn” and the unwanted plants so I dug it all up and made a neat little pile under the cherry tree.


007 (2)

Then I bagged it all and had a guy remove it and a bunch of other unwanted stuff. I’m telling you, every time I get a chance to get rid of stuff, weedy lawn or other, I’m on an instant high. To see all this disappear sent me right in to space!



I put an ad on Blocket (our Craigslist) and got rid of all the pink slabs in no time and then I ordered the gravel/sand sub layer that goes under the final layer of gravel. Two cubic meters of the stuff.


010 (2)

But before that could be shoveled out I laid a special membrane (the white sheet in the photo above) on the soil to keep any future weeds out. I used the same method at the old house and it worked really well. This time I didn’t hire one of those machines that stomp the ground to make it super solid but instead danced around on it myself and watered it all down. I’m thinking its such a small area and we’ll only be walking on it, parking bikes and picking cherries so there won’t be a lot of wear and tear.



And here it is, all prepped and ready to receive the gravel and a few other bits and bobs later this week. Yay!