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Chez Larsson



Hallelujah, I have a dish washer door!

When I ordered my kitchen from IKEA the dish washer door was out of stock and they couldn’t tell for sure when it would be available again. Turned out I had to wait 6 weeks and after I got it I couldn’t install it right away because it was stainless steel and I wanted it white.

I tried covering it with white sticky back plastic first but that didn’t go well so my other option was to spray paint it. That took almost a week! Why?  First I used a spray primer. Then I bought “appliance” spray paint and it turns out that you need to either put additional coats on within four hours or wait 36 hours. I missed my four hour slots a couple of times because of other ongoing projects so the process dragged out endlessly it seemed. Also it turned out that the appliance paint sucks, the coverage is really bad. When I ran out and went to my nearest DIY store they recommended regular glossy spray paint instead and after a coat of that I was finally done.

Then I just had to attach the dang thing. Sometimes I hate IKEA. The dish washer manual included instructions on how to attach the door by using certain holes at the back of the door. Well, my door doesn’t have a single hole at the back so it was down to measuring it all out myself. Not an easy feat trying to balance the HEAVY door on my foot while trying to hold it straight AND marking it at the same time.

It’s up though and I love that it’s white. The shade of white isn’t perfectly matched to the cabinet doors but then again so isn’t the oven so I don’t really mind. 

I can not believe that my kitchen is finally finished and actually exactly two months after moving in. Oh, forgot I still need to paint the window. Ah well, ALMOST finished.