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Wille’s DVD Collection


Quickie today.

I’m waiting for Wille to arrive back home after a week in Crete, Greece, with Martin. He should be home any minute now and I can’t wait to see him.

Meanwhile this is what Wille’s DVD collection looks like now. He used to keep his DVD’s in the Expedit in his previous room but requested shallow “DVD-depth” shelves this time. These are part of the IKEA Bestå line. Four shelves per unit are included and I added another 3×3 to maximize the space. Still plenty of room to grow his collection in there!


  • katie says:

    You are an aMAZing woman Benita!! Truly amazing in your capabilities! You inspire me!

  • Maddy says:

    Lucky Wille! to have such a clever Mum, and all those DVD’s! I hope he will dust the shelves himself…..

  • Susie says:

    Aw, haha, boys and their DVDs! I know what you mean about DVD-depth shelves. We had custom made shelves made for my boyfriend’s collection just two weeks ago. Everything designed around them, height and depth, plus one row fitting only Blu Rays… we might not have a wardrobe yet and dress out of boxes, but the DVDs got their own shelves already! hahaha

  • jja says:

    It looks very nice. For a practical reason I would choose something with doors/closed unit, just to prevent dust nad have less to clean.

  • Jane says:

    It looks fantastic! I hope Wille had a great time in Greece – I must say I am a bit jealous of that 007 collection 🙂 I am hoping to buy a house soon and I will definitely look to your blog for inspiration for my two boys. Thanks for sharing!

  • Zosia says:

    Wille’s room looks great. Neat and tidy and a lot of light.

  • Peggy says:

    Benita: Do you secure your shelves to the wall like Ikea suggests? Your new home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Giovana says:

    Hi Benita you inspire me! Your home solutions are amazing!
    I have white furniture but i need work a lot to keep clean! And you??? How often you clean???
    Thanks Giovana

  • Awesome! I just pared down our huge collection of books thinking that I would have space on the shelves for little treasures like Wille’s robots and dogs, etc. Nope! While the books are now organized and none are stacked on top of the vertical ones, I only have room to add 5 novels! Oy vey. Better purge again!!

  • Ali says:

    Looks awesome!
    Terrific job! I love the new shelves! Must be fun to have a son with so many DVD’s! I bet you never have to rent a movie just borrow from your son!
    Hope your son had a terrific vacation!
    ~ Ali

  • Looks very nice! Your home is really coming together, bit by bit.
    I have an off-topic question. I was reading through some of your old posts from a while back (like 2009 I think) and there was one about scanning old slides. My parents have something like 20,000 slides that belonged to my mom’s deceased uncle (he was a photographer) sitting in their basement that really should be scanned. Many of them are family photographs. What device did you use to scan them? I’ve been having a tough time knowing what scanner would do the job on those old ones because many times the pics were not taken with optimal light or there is some other issue with them. I know I will probably have to photoshop them but it would be helpful to know what kind of device to scan them with first.

  • The scanner I used is called Plexgear negative scanner.

  • Elizabeth Thorson says:

    Looks beautiful! Just curious, is there a big difference in your experience between the Billy bookcases and the Besta bookcases? We have Billys, but there isn’t a local store (yet!) for me to look at the Bestas. Would they work well for paperbacks? You can only get so much info from the IKEA website … Thanks!

  • The quality is better in Bestå and Bestå also has adjustable feet which is good for uneven floors. They probably would work great for our Swedish paper backs which are smaller than your’s so you should probably measure one and compare it to the depth of the shelves.

  • Usually I wipe surfaces once a week with a microfiber rag.

  • calliope says:

    I hope he had a great time!
    I’m from Crete, Chania and can’t wait for August to come so as to visit my parents and sister