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Chez Larsson

Front Door Color Choice

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So after that mat how-to yesterday I thought that since I can’t show you the door all nicely painted because it keeps raining I can at least show you what color I’ve gone for.



It will be green! My initial plan was to paint it grey but then someone mentioned green in the comments and I thought, why not? There are so many greens though so I got my favorite green pillow out and tried it against the concrete and also held it up against the plants outside and since it worked well I used that to find the matching paint chip.

We use the NCS color system over here and the color I went for after trying a few by holding the chips up over the door from afar and squinting is NCS 4050-G10Y, the top one in the photo.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the paint on the actual door very soon.