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Chez Larsson

Handmade Holiday Crafts


It turns out that aside from the honor of being on the Martha Stewart Crafts Dept. blog roll it has other perks as well! As you may know I’ve been a HUGE fan of Martha’s since the late 80’s and I have every single issue of Martha Stewart Living since it was launched in 1990. Anyway a week or so ago I got an e-mail from Lauren at the Martha Stewart Living offices asking if I would like a preview copy of the latest book Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts. Umm, YES, PLEASE!

The copy made it’s way to me at super hero speed and I love this new addition to my book case!



This book features some of the best holiday crafts from the pages of the magazine. I love this Valentine’s one, catnip hearts for the felines of your family. Mini and Bonus would love these! I may have to learn how to knit properly so I can make some.




Here’s another favorite. This is a father’s day gift idea, turning socks into accessory holders. I’m so making me some of these!




This is an all time favorite one, home made snow globes! When this was first published in the magazine ages ago I made a dozen or so to give as Christmas gifts to family members. I remember one in particular that I had a blast making, a tiny plastic figurine that looked EXACTLY like my (now ex) mother in law jumping into the sea off a cliff in a demure bathing suit. I remember my late father in law loving it :). The cool thing with these is that you can basically put anything in these “globes” and it will look like art. I think I may have to make some new ones this Christmas!

If you are in crafting mode or in a crafting mood, check out this book! It’s out today and I just added it to my Amazon Store. Swedish buyers can get it here. Happy crafting!