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Lino Removal Project

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Here’s a little project I have going on a the moment. It’s not an enjoyable one but it’s also not a huge one so it should be ok.



While I’m still undecided regarding the actual floor in the hall which is also linoleum I’m very sure that the lino covering the stairs from the hall to the first floor must go. Unfortunately it’s stuck down really well…



… so after pulling like mad, there’s scraping like mad after.



After removing and scraping it all there will need to be some sanding and after that I hope to re-varnish it and have pretty stairs to the first floor.

As for the floor in the hall, I’m now considering tiles with under floor heating but that won’t happen until next year earliest when I have my contractors help me with the WC on the same fllor which I plan to remodel then too.

And yessss! It’s the weekend again. I can’t wait to get stuck in ripping the rest of that lino out!

Happy Weekend!