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The Living Room

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So, I had several requests to see the whole living room as up to now I’ve only shown the bits and pieces that have been ready, I’m not saying I’m “ready” now, decorating is an ongoing process, but I’ve at least painted the ceiling and walls.

What you see above is the view when you enter the living room via those steps where I have yet to rip the lino out of. To the far left (not seen) is the kitchen and then the dining table and across from there the seating/TV area and my blog spot.

That tray on one of the cube stools is also the coffee table. I wheel it in front of the Galaxy chairs when I need somewhere to put my tea cup. Or wine glass for that matter. Needless to say I need to find a coffee table of some sort.



Right next to blogging desk is the Expedit book case and the opening to the right is where my bedroom nook is. The chair is on a small wall that separates the bedroom nook from the stairs that go up.



Here you can see the bedroom nook beyond the Expedit. As you can see the Galaxy chairs are still in their original pink outfits. I do plan to some day revamp them but for now I’m going with the pink.



Yup, there’s my nook. I have curtain parking behind the wall behind that chair. I’m not loving the curtain visible through the “window” though so I’ll either board it up from behind and adding shelves OR if I get planning permission I’m thinking of adding a wood burning fire on this wall. That would be so cool because I’d be able to see the fire from bed, from the dining table, kitchen and living area! It would be a 50 000 SEK (USD 7 000) expenditure though… I think I’ll start by applying for the planning permission before dreaming too much.



Here I am standing in the corner by the sofa window looking towards the stairs going up. As you can see these photos were taken before I painted the stairwell. Can’t wait for those railings to be painted white!



This is the view from the opposite side, from the foot end of the bed towards the seating area. That lamp hanging quite randomly is going, it’s just temporary until I find a good reading light for in between the Galaxies.



And that’s full circle, the left hand side of the sofa.

So, those of you who requested the grand tour of the living room, you’re welcome.


  • Caroline says:

    Thanks so much for revealing the living room! It helps to understand what you are doing in the space, and it looks great even though it is a work in progress. I look forward to seeing it continue to evolve!

  • Kim B. says:

    I’ve got to ask — what are the Galaxy chairs like for actually sitting in?

  • Zosia says:

    Thank you for the tour. Such a bright, clean and inviting space. It’s amazing how much you have done in a couple of months.

  • Jo says:

    The room looks great Benita, although I’m wondering where your lovely squashy IKEA sofa and chairs are ?? With the boy wonder upstairs I assume ;o)
    As far as the window to no where !! What about a large piece of art that covers the entire hole ?? You won’t be worried by the back of it because the curtain covers it.. and it’s much cheaper and less permanent option while you plan for your wood stove.
    Jo xx

  • The sofa is upstairs in the den and the armchair in Wille’s room.
    Great idea with the art idea! I will measure and see if a large standard frame will cover it, thanks!

  • What a lovely living room. A fireplace would be great. You really have such a lucky hand whn it comes to decorating. I could move in!

  • Sara says:

    This is so lovely, thank you for sharing. I love the brown chair by your bedroom. While on pinterest today I found a picture of some lace hung in a frame. I couldn’t find that picture again. I thought if you wanted to put something infront of the hole, a large picture frame or even mood board. Check out the link There’s some pretty ideas. Food for thought.

  • Michelle says:

    Its lovely and you’ve done it all so quickly. I think the window would look good as display shelf space until you get your dream wood burner.

  • alex says:

    Hej benita, jag provade att rosta pa linken men det funkar inte, star att voting has finished? Tack for en jattefib och inspirerande blogg!! Kram

  • Ooops, I’m answering a diplicate question from Jo below here… I deeted the wrong one.

  • I deleted the wrong one… my answer is above!

  • Skumt, det skulle starta idag sa Danielle. Jag tog bort den delen av inlägget och lägger tillbaka det om jag får en uppdaterad länk. Tack för att du ville rösta 🙂

  • jja says:

    I love the brown chair!
    What about your former living room table, it was so nice. 🙂
    Galaxy Chairs are too high for this place, too dominant…they close the view to the room…maybe if the beckrest would be lower…like this the room is not really balanced.
    They would better fit in some corner with a standing lamp.
    But I adore how you arrange art.

  • nicolezh says:

    Im really smitten with this room. Love the hot pink colour splashes with the green and petrol accents! Even the wooden blogging thing fits in nicely!

  • Kristín says:

    Love it, really chic – white & stylish with a pop of colour 🙂
    I was glad to read that the random lamp hanging from the ceiling above the galaxy chairs is going as I was worried that you might be banging your head against it hehehe 🙂
    Congratulations on the work you’ve done already, good job, amazing really! 🙂

  • maj says:

    I love your Galaxy chairs, specially in pink:) I think they will look better in front of tv, or in the room corners.

  • sarah says:

    Hej! I like the combination of white with little pink and green. and I am looking forward to your choice of coffee table. I am actually also looking for one, but don’t have a clue yet, what I like – at all. the colours in my living room are also a bit different, but white should fit.

  • laura @ move to portugal says:

    You’ve done a great job Benita..very inspiring!

  • devil says:

    Thanks for the look, Benita! I know it’s hard to post pictures of rooms that aren’t quite done yet. But, is any home ever really done?
    I agree that the pink chairs don’t look quite right in that room, but it’s better to wait for the right replacement fabric than just throw anything you can find onto them.
    Pink and green reminds me of the 1980’s and what teenagers were wearing at the time. Fashion from that era is actually making a small comeback here.

  • Anna says:

    So great to see what you are doing. Thanks! I know you moved the blogging desk around a lot and was curious why it didn’t work on the wall opposite the TV? Seems like it would be nice to distribute the high pieces (desk and expedit) around the room a bit, rather than have them and the TV all on one wall. Tack igen!

  • It’s too tight and wouldn’t look good squished in there. Also the sun is really bright in that corner I noticed when it was there so I could barely see the screen of my laptop unless the blinds were down.

  • foo says:

    I didn’t realize what was bugging me until you said that about the chairs. If it were me, I’d switch the chairs and the sofa to see how that looks. Unless you did that already.
    I was also wondering. Did you think about placing the expedit in front of your nook for privacy? Kind of to make a false wall? It might be too huge and leave you no room to even enter your nook. Just a thought.

  • Andrea says:

    I think Mini and Bonus need a cat ball to match your galaxy chairs 🙂

  • Michelle of Montreal says:

    Thanks for posting. It’s great to see how all the pieces come together. I hope you get planning permission for a wood-burning fire, as it’ll really add to the room. Here in Montreal, city officials have now banned new fire-burning stoves and fireplaces, supposedly because of the pollution they generate. Existing ones can stay in place, but no new ones are permitted.

  • I haven’t because I want the open feel of the space and honestly I’m not a big fan of dividers.

  • jonie says:

    Isn’t it very uncomfortable for you all to watch TV in this position?

  • Marlena says:

    It looks great! I love how it looks spacious and cozy at the same time. I’d love to see how the upstairs looks now, too.
    Do you have any plans to expand? Also, when Wille is done with school, is the thought that you’d move to his space?

  • RebeccaNYC says:

    LOVE the pink on the chairs, hope you decide to keep the color. But no matter what you do with them, they will be lovely. Everything you touch becomes beautiful. Love the suggestion about using a painting to cover the window you don’t like.

  • LisaZ says:

    Thanks for the full tour! I’ve been waiting patiently (and quietly) for that!

  • I don’t need more space if that’s what you mean with expand. This ouse is 1/3 larger than the one we previously lived in and now it’s just two of us.
    We haven’t discussed any of that. He still has almost two years of school left and then he plans to study further in Stockholm so he might stay at home longer. It’s almost impossible to get affordable apartments for students here so my guess he’ll be around for a while longer.

  • Very nice! I never realized the stairs curve as they go up. And, I love the sheepskin under the brown chair–a nice little vignette with the cat house and the green pillow. I never would have thought to anchor with a small rug there, or put sheepskin on the floor. Love, love, love what you’ve done with your home! You have such an eye, transforming this diamond in the rough!

  • AnneinPortland says:

    THANK YOU, Benita! It’s gorgeous.

  • Shelly says:

    Yes thanks for sharing Benita! I hope you never tire of blogging as I so enjoy seeing you transform things! If you were a TV show you would be my favorite! haha 🙂

  • Ioana says:

    Very beautiful and tidy, I love it! Your blog is one of the reasons I am a little hesitant to “upgrade” from our current small house (80 sq ft). I like cosy!
    You could cover that little window with a large piece of art or a large mirror for a quick fix. A mirror would probably add even more light to your bright space. Just my amateur thoughts…

  • annemarie thomas says:

    i do love love the room but in spite of saying that
    i do have to say that the blog desk, does not do it for me. never did. in looking at it next to the bookcases the height is off. and while the chair on the nook wall looks great the wood on the desk bothers me in a pretty much white room.
    have you thought of a parsons table in one of their laminates? colors-black which will work with the dark chair. or you could go white or green (not sure about that color). if you use the blog drawers for things this may not work but you could always put baskets under to put the ‘stuff’ in
    finally, i love the pink,green and white. if you were to recover the white chairs i would still use a pink fabric. the back of these chairs as seen from the nook are much too white. sling a throw or blanket over the back to add color.
    when you finish your house can i send you a ticket to boston massachusetts where in the winter it can get as cold as sweden.

  • Rose says:

    Well, I have no suggestions. I think it looks wonderful. I like the chairs where they are. I don’t like all furniture on the walls. You have created nice spaces within the living room space.
    When you talk about painting the railings white are talking about the vertical supports on the right or the hand rails on the left? I love the curved wood hand rail and steps. The blond wood and white walls are lovely.

  • Thank you 🙂
    Yes, I only mean those vertical pine ones. The handrail stays wooden. It was one of the things I loved when I viewed the house the first time and I love how the stand out now that the walls are white.

  • phillippa says:

    Another idea for that small window would be the thick glass blocks, like the ones shown on this page – more like the blocks in the picture of the bath tub…. (I’m not at all related to this business – just one of the first google results that had a pic).

  • Jill says:

    I the room is really coming together. Love those Galaxy chairs! I can’t wait to see what fabric you pick for them.
    I hope you get your fireplace. It would be the perfect addition for this room.

  • Melissa says:

    Hello! I skimmed through the comments to see if anyone else had mentioned this and didn’t notice any but there are these really, really cool, modern wall-mount electric fireplaces that you can buy here in Canada – I would imagine you could find them anywhere these days… try google searching wall-mount electric fireplace & check out the images. Some are long & narrow and would probably fit right into the current window space! Here’s a photo of one example:
    Good luck!!

  • jeannette says:

    benita, it’s so airy and beautiful, just sort of mid-tree height, and the lovely curving staircase. i’m so happy to think of you in this space.

  • kathleen says:

    I think you progress is absolutely amazing. I do not presume to make a single suggestion, because I know that the future holds lots of beautiful projects to surprise and delight us.

  • Cinthya says:

    Those white chairs are ridiculously amazing and they look so comfortable.

  • oh – this looks so cozy! love the artwork (near the twinkly lights) especially the mid-sized print. Is that local art? a print? or an etsy buy? the largest one looks like an apple?? very nice. And your bedroom nook is awesome!! a thin green + another color (turquoise? yellow?) stripe fabric might look nice on the high backed chairs…
    stunning – I can’t wait to see the room as the seasons change.

  • Hi Benita! As usual, you did such a great job! May I suggest something for the “window”? You may consider change the glass to white glass. light will pass through it, but it looks clean white. I’m glad that you decided to leave the pink in. The combination of pink and green brings the spring into your home… Have a lovely day!

  • It’s a framed piece of fabric which I found at the charity shop a few years ago. It depicts scenery from a seaside town here in Sweden.

  • I had an electric fireplace at the old house which I loved. I would love real flames this time though. I have been looking at one with a fluid that you light which will gove real flame and some heat. 1 liter will give you 4,5 hour fire. There are some pretty cool designs out there so maybe…

  • Thanks for the grand tour – the living room looks great:)
    Love how you mix pieces from different styles, like the sofa with the Galaxy chairs and the dark chair with the disco ball.

  • SFDC says:

    It’s looking so great! The jute rug is leaving me a little cold though. Have you thought about a thicker, softer rug?

  • I have but haven’t found one I like that isn’t white and white just isn’t practical with this being next to the patio door.

  • Andrea says:

    Hej Benita, tack för din blogg jag läser den dagligen, dricker min morgonkafe med “ditt sällskap”. Jag får ur någon sorts normalitet och välbehag att börja dagen med. Undrar om du skulle samtycka att skaffa en till Expedit och att få de två hyllsystemen vara tillsammans. Det skulle ge ett generöst yttryck till ditt vardagsrum. Trevlig helg!

  • Jag älskar Expediten men för det första skulle en till absolut inte få plats och för det andra har jag inte behov av mer förvaring 🙂

  • metscan says:

    I have not visited your blog for a long time, and now got to see your living room.
    I understand that it is not finished yet. You have continued with your white, but added splashes of color here and there.
    This room looks quite different from your previous one. I think it reflects your life situation right now.
    A lot going on.
    I know that you are eager to get things ready quickly and like to change the places of things too, so I have a feeling, that this ” look ” will change in time ; )

  • Good post. It seems to look very nice with an all white furniture design. Thanks for posting.