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Chez Larsson

The Painted Stairwell


So I didn’t end up ripping up that lino this weekend after all. I painted the stairwell instead. This changing of plans happens pretty often. I intend to do something but on the day I feel like doing something else. In this case both things need doing so it doesn’t really matter which goes first.

The stairwell has sea grass wallpaper so I’ve been dreading it a bit because I know (from painting the den) that it takes at least four coats of paint and it’s really awkward painting this tall space.

Several people have said they quite like the natural sea grass look but firstly it’s not really “me” and secondly I’m not a fan of the previous owner’s ghost art there on the wall to the left. Maybe I should have kept it until Halloween though?



So I painstakingly painted those four coats and it instantly felt so much better. I still need to paint some trim and the railing but that’s a different project. Can’t do it all at once.

As you can see I removed the hand rails and to make sure I got them all up easily after I numbered the hardware. ALWAYS number the hardware. Even if it looks the same it might not fit in a different hole than the original one.



And here it is, hand rail and all. And as you can see down there to the right I’ve painted the inside of that originally brown door white. Such a relief!



The best part of finishing a paint project is doing those little final touches such as hanging art. Here I’m on the landing outside the bathroom trying out the best way to hang three frames.



Laying your frames on the floor under the area where you intend to hang your art is a good way to figure out how it will look together on the wall. I mimicked the stairs going down when choosing to hang them like this.



I had intended to hang a larger piece here but since I haven’t bought it yet these three little ones will do.



Here’s what the stairwell looks like from the den. I love how it all flows now that the walls are all white. That bean bag, by the way, is one of Mini’s favorite hangouts on this floor.



Remember how I asked for advice on lighting in the stair well right after we moved in? I got tons of great suggestions but in the end I bought a light that I’ve loved ever since it saw the light of day (pun very much intended), the Nightfly.



It looks really pretty and fresh just hanging there but when you turn on the light…



… it’s extra cool. I love it!



So there it is, one painted stairwell including freshly painted ceiling, art + an amazing light. Check!