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A Day in the Life

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So I get this request from time to time. What is a normal day like in my life. Not a weekend day, but a weekday one. Well here goes:

1.30 or 3.30’ish am Bonus wakes me up and wants to go outside if he’s at home. I don’t want to let him out at night so I end up with him walking all over me or with him cuddling next to me. Usually not the best sleep. (Currently he’s not at home as he went wandering off again on Saturday so while I’m worrying about him during the day at least I get to sleep at night…)

5 am My alarm goes off.

5.30 am I’ve snoozed for too long and get up to feed the cat (s) and hit the shower.

6 am I have breakfast, oatmeal with cinnamon and milk (that’s it above). Wille gets up later and I’ve prepped his tray the night before. I ‘m fully aware that he can do it all himself but I like to do this for him so when he wakes up he eats a proper breakfast.

6.15 am Get dressed.

6.30 am Leave for work. Ride my bike to the subway station and then go on the subway for about 35 minutes.

7.15 am arrive at work. This varies a little bit between 7-7.30 am depending on how long the snoozing went on.

7.30 am Have tea and a sandwich I brought with me. Read e-mails, intranet messages, check our company Facebook and company website and read blogs. I work with social media nowadays so I spend a lot of time online. I also read my personal e-mail and check and answer blog comments. In case you’re wondering, I don’t have a problem doing these personal things during my work hours because I never ever take the daily coffee break most of my coworkers do in the afternoons. Oh, and to clarify, Facebook, I only do it for work, so if you’ve tried to contact me through there I’m afraid I’ve ignored it. Facebook is great but for me personally, blogging is enough. After doing the daily checking in to see everything is running smoothly, I continue working.

11.30 am Take 45 minute lunch break. I either stay at my desk eating some yoghurt and catch up on blogs or go to the nearby shopping center and run some errands (library, DIY store etc).

12.15 pm Continue working which involves planning what goes on Facebook and our website, different marketing campaigns etc.

4 pm Go home on the subway.

4.45 pm Do some grocery shopping before hopping on my bike for the five minute ride home.

5.15 I’m home, feed Mini and Bonus (or just Mini…) and start making dinner.

6 pm Have dinner with Willle while watching TV (I know we’re bad…).

6.30 pm Depending on how much homework Wille has we’ll either move to the Galaxy chairs and continue watching TV or Wille goes upstairs and I start clearing the kitchen.

7.30 pm I do some project or other such as a coat of paint, a bit of sewing or simply some house cleaning or organizing. Blogging usually takes place on Sundays but if I didn’t get all the weeks posts done this is when I catch up. If Wille needs help with school work I do that.

9 pm I check with Wille if he wants to watch one of the shows we’ve “taped”. Usually if he’s not swamped we watch CSI New York, House or NCIS,

10 pm Start saying I need to go to bed.

11 pm Hopefully in bed by now after tidying up a little bit, prepping breakfast, emptying the dish washer and stuff like that. Try to read a little or do a word on Wordfeud but I’m usually too tired.

That’s a normal day in my life.


Ps. Happy Halloween!



  • tinajo says:

    Nice, cosy pic and fun to read other people´s habits! 🙂

  • elisa says:

    breakfast by candlelight, we’re going to try it! though now the time has changed we’re getting up in the light again. your life sounds very tranquil. mine is panicked madness in comparison! – that’s the bit when you’re chasing that wayward feline? x

  • Flying Blind says:

    Oh my goodness, and I thought the kids were demanding – the middle of the night cat-alarm would have me in such a bad mood the whole day!

  • We also changed to Winter time here this weekend but it’s still dark when I get up :).
    Yes, in a few day’s time I’ll be adding a bike ride to our old neighborhood to drop off the cat carrier at either the new owner’s or a former neighbors house if I don’t find Bonus. That way I can stop by after work the rest of the week and the carrier is already there. That does add another hour to my schedule during those days. Evil kitty.

  • jja says:

    Cats torture during night sounds so familiar LOL, that’s why they sleep in living room with door closed.
    But getting up that early is hard even to read! At the time you already work I am still sleeping. But again you have more of a day coming home earlier, most of the people I know working in a office work until six, and come home around seven.
    For the fact that you eat 3 times before noon you look so slim and well shaped!
    And I am amazed that getting up at five you still do some home projects in the evening!!! And you sleep like 6 or little more hours. Boah this would kill me.
    I slelp last night only 6 hours because we went to the cinema nad I am dead now.

  • Zosia says:

    Alarm goes off at 5 am, yiks, really early. I find that when you get up early, the day seems longer, however it’s hard for me to accomplish. I like the photo. I am learning to take good pictures at night with mixed results so far.

  • Kerstin lundin says:

    Detta får bli en kommentar på svenska.. Har läst din blogg ett tag och tycker den är väldigt intressant och bra på alla sätt och vis, men också lätt ångestskapande. Hur sjutton kan du hinna så mycket? Förstår att du gör det du brinner för, men för mig som gått in i väggen en gång ringer alarmklockorna när du beskriver din dag. Ingen fikarast m kollegorna, yoghurt vid datorn, ingen tid för motion (men den kanske du får i vardagen med alla projekt?) plus att du verkar göra ALLT hushållsarbete själv. Inte konstigt att du är trött när väckarklockan ringer. Du kanske är en övermänniska men tyvärr tror jag inte detta är hållbart i längden. Var rädd om dig!! You only live once!
    Allt gott!
    Kerstin, Dalarna

  • Anne says:

    Våra morgnar är så lika, min klocka ringer också strax efter fem och ofta har natten inneburit en del kattklampande på min mage. Fast jag kommer inte till jobbet förrän halv åtta-åtta, vilket beror på att August fortfarande behöver en hel del push och förberedelser på morgonen. Därför går jag upp extra tidigt så jag kan göra mig i ordning och ändå sitta en låååång stund vid mitt ljus och havregrynsgröt med kanel (sa jag lika :))

  • nicolezh says:

    Really similair to my day. Add a 65 min. ride to work and again back, omit Wille and add some radio related stuff and swiss chocolate at my desk – a day in the life of nicolezh. The big difference is that I get up at 6 and leave an 6.30 sans breakfast.

  • l says:

    Your day sounds remarkably like mine when I was working full-time and in college (university to you Europeans) with two cats and a dog. Now that I’ve graduated, it’s less structured, and I WISH I could do a short bike ride to a subway for work. Instead, there is a 30-minute drive. Not much by US standards, but I would much rather get a little exercise.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • celia says:

    Is a 7:30 to 4 work schedule common in Sweden?

  • Not really. We have flexible hours in the office and I prefer to start ealy to leave early instead of the other way around. Most of my coworkers work 7.30 to 5.

  • Leena says:

    I could never cope with the amount of sleep you get. I go to bed after 11 and wake up at 8! I sleep atleast eight hours a day and can still be bit tired on the morning. People are so different, some can cope with much less than others. Although I do hope the 6 hours is enough for you and you get enough sleep.

  • Thanks for the voyeuristic peek! Ah, to live near a great public transpo system–that must be so nice! Do you bring your bike with you on the subway to use at the other end, or secured at the station near home? Don’t feel you need to answer if that is TMI for the web. 🙂

  • i wish we had public transportation available…. but, i drive 25 minutes to work (but along the coast, so i do get a view of the beach for 15 minutes)! i listen to books on CD or NPR. we are early morning people also, but i admit, i don’t leave at a consistent time in the afternoon. some days are 12 hour work days (not often). thanks for sharing a workday in the life of Benita.

  • We can’t take bikes on the subway unfortunately. You can on the commuter trains but not during rush hour. I leave my bike locked at a bike rack close to the subway station :).

  • Thank you for sharing this. You always wonder how talented and inspiring bloggers like yourself, find the time to do it all. I think I have to wake up earlier. Happy Halloween to you too.

  • Carly says:

    Oh I love this post! So interesting to read how others go about their daily day. Thank you for sharing! Happy Halloween!

  • elisa says:

    bad cat! it sounds like a good plan. maybe the snow will help persuade him to stay home. x

  • Lien says:

    Wow, your coworkers work long hours! I wish I can start work a bit earlier so I can leave early. I don’t finish work till 6pm and then wont’t get home till about 7pm. But it’s Spring so we have longer days so it’s not dark when I get home which is great.

  • Bea says:

    Den här kommentaren får bli på svenska. Jag förstår inte hur du har energi att fixa allt hemma, ännu mindre nu när jag ser hur långa dagar du har.
    Har du alltid haft en hög energinivå eller har du några knep att dela med dig av? Jag hinner / orkar inte med en bråkdel av det du åstadkommer. (Men skulle gärna!)
    Tack för en fantastisk blogg!

  • Jag har en hög energinivå när det handlar om saker jag gillar :). Har inga direkta knep, utan det är nog en läggningsfråga. Jag har jättesvårt att sitta still och göra ingenting så när jag ser på TV syr jag samtidigt eller organiserar nån liten låda eller nåt eller bläddrar i en tidning. Multi tasking liksom :).

  • Christine D says:

    Finner du katten?

  • Christine D says:

    I saw on November 9 you found Bonus. Hurra! Love the candle holder in this post, is it an antique?

  • Yes, he’s back 🙂
    The candle holder is far from an antique, it’s from IKEA 🙂