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The New Desk

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Here it is, my new desk.

After deciding the mid century one wasn’t for me I kind of had to figure out what is because I do spend quite a few hours a week at it writing and managing this here blog. I couldn’t just not have a desk for a while until I find the perfect one so I decided to do a temporary solution.

So off I went to IKEA and got me some legs and a table top. I decided to try having it in the room instead of along the wall so I could free up some of that wall space and for now this solution works really well. I like how it feels kind of office-y with the shelves behind.

Like I said this is a temporary solution. I’ve been looking at pricier options like this and this but they’re not perfect so I’ll keep looking. I’d love to find a vintage one (that will look good painted white) with a couple of drawers or so. When I do this one will go downstairs where I can use it as a sewing desk. Oh, I'm also looking for chairs, one that will go with the desk and I'm still on the hunt for a harlequin set for around the dining table. For now the cube ottomans are stand-ins in both places.

And for now I’m happy.