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Three Things for the Hall

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So I’ve made three decisions for the entrance hall. After painting everything white it got a little too stark in this corner (even for me). I think it’s the fact that there are no architectural features in this extended area of the house that make all the white look boring and bland.

Here’s what I plan to do to rectify that:

1) I’m building a radiator cover. I’m thinking a white frame with rattan insert. I plan to make it easy to open so I can still hang wet mittens etc. off the radiator. Oh, for those of you who are worried about that, these radiators don’t get scorching hot so there’s no fire hazard involved. I’m also switching out the temporary shelf when building the rest. Something chunkier will take it’s place.

2) I’m going to sew a drapery in front of the door to inject some pattern. I’ll be getting more of my favorite fabric ever, the green elephants by Estrid Ericsson for Svenskt Tenn. If the door were to get draughty in winter it will also help keep the cold at bay.

3) I think I’ve made a decision on the floor stencil. I was offered a free stencil from Royal Design Studio after writing that post on floor stencils which is super nice of them but I think I’ll try my hands on making one myself after all. I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but I’m going for a hexagon pattern. Probably white on grey. Now it’s just a matter of logistics. How to keep two nosy kitties off the floor for several days. I think I need to get one of these since I don’t have a door to the hall from the first floor. I will also need to close off the sides of the stairs so the four leggers don’t get down there that way…

I'm really excited. This corner has been bugging me and now that I know what to do about it I feel happy!