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Chez Larsson


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Remember that little weird window I had (have) in the wall above the old chair? When I posted about the living room here I got a suggestion which I thought was worth trying; Hang a framed piece of art that will cover the hole.



Enter Twiggy. I have loved this image of the iconic 60’s model for ever and bought this poster from the National Portrait Gallery and framed it in a large enough IKEA Ribba frame to hide the hole.

I love the poster and the idea but I’m unsure whether I can live with it hung that high. Hanging art too high is my pet decorating peeve and this to me is too high. Unfortunately I can’t lower it or it won’t hide the hole anymore so I may just ask Twiggy to hang around elsewhere on my walls and go back to the idea of adding a back to the hole and using it as a shelf until they day I add a fireplace in it’s place.

Ps. Yes, that Bonus in the cat bed :).