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Chez Larsson

Christmas Recap


Julcollage 2

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Mine was quiet but nice. Wille spent the day with my mom and me. We had Christmas lunch and then opened a mountain of gifts. At 6 pm Wille left to go to Martin’s place and mom and I had dinner and watched a movie.

The rest of the Christmas weekend was spent going on short walks (mom’s 82 and not super fit anymore), watching dubbed German movies and TV-shows and eating. At this point I’m full, longing to watch something in English and can’t wait to go on a long brisk walk. Having mom here is lovely but very different from my regular pace of life :).

Today we’re hitting the sales. Mom’s hoping to score a nice black coat and I’m just going to browse. Wish us luck! Half of the population is probably doing the same today so it’s likely to be crowded.