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Chez Larsson



Look what I got for Christmas!

I’m not usually a fancy coffee drinker. As a matter of fact I used to prefer instant. Lately though I stopped enjoying it and I missed that nice cup in the morning on weekends so figured I’d trade up. When mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas I started researching capsule machines. I liked the idea of the capsules because I don’t drink a whole lot of coffee so instead of having a bag that will only be good for so long I’ll have fresh coffee every time with the little capsules.

My criteria for the machine was that it could make a mean cappuccino and quite a few could do that. I also wanted it to be a normal shape (not an orbe, an oval or a spaceship). Of course I also wanted it to be white which kind of narrowed it down to the Nespresso Lattissima+.

L.o.v.e it! Even Wille had a cappuccino and quite enjoyed it. Thanks mom!

As a bonus I bet my friends will prefer after dinner coffee now as opposed to before when instant was served. They can select an espresso, a lungo, a cappuccino or a macchiato and a variety of grand crus. Very fancy indeed.