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The World

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When we moved our plan was to somehow bring the world map from Wille’s old room with us. We had spray glued it on the wall behind his bed and figured we’d be able to peel it off. No such luck though, it was stuck down too hard and stayed. We kind of missed being able put pins in the places we’ve visited so when I found this smaller map at the local charity shop I got it.





The map started out with pin pricks in the corners where the previous owner had had it on the wall.

I got a homosote board and L-shaped wood trim to cover the edges (and the pin holes) from the local lumber yard. I then proceeded to paint the board so the brown wouldn’t show through the paper. I actually painted both sides of the board (and just used regular wall paint) so the board wouldn’t bend from getting wet on just one side.




After the paint had dried properly I screwed the board into the wall and covered it with wallpaper paste and stuck down the map.

To be honest I’m not sure if this is the best way to stick a map down because I did get some creases. I kind of blame it on the fact that the map is used and was a bit wrinkled to begin with and it’s not a huge deal anyway.



After everything was dry I mitered the edges of the trim and used construction glue to attach it to the board on all four sides.



And of course, Mini was there to give me a paw. Still to do, the funnest bit, adding the pins!