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Mr. Mac

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Yes, you guessed it. I have welcomed Mr. Mac into my life. We met last Wednesday and have just started getting to know each other. 

After reading all your very helpful comments I decided to take the plunge and switch from PC to Mac and also while I was at it switch from a laptop to a stationary computer.

In the end the reasons for the leap were 

* Wille and you guys (at least most of you) say you're so happy with your Macs.

* Because you said the transition from PC to Mac wouldn't be so difficult. It's not!

* I'll still be able to run Photoscape and Live Writer once I've gotten a Windows cd and gone down the Bootcamp/Parallells route which Wille wanted to do on his iMac anyway because he uses a 3D PC only software at school. 

The reasons for getting an iMac instead of a MacBook Pro were

* After thinking about it I realized that with my new job I don't travel anymore and don't really need a laptop for that reason.

* If I do travel occasionally I can bring Wille's iPad or since there's still a bit of life left in my Sony Vaio he can tag along until he's completely dead.

* I hardly ever carried the laptop around the house, I always sat at the desk with it anyway. 

* The price of the larger MacBook Pro (I wanted a substantially larger screen than the 14" I had) was so much higher than the iMac.


* He's so good looking!