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Chez Larsson

The Unfinished Project

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This old wash stand is one of my very first really great finds. When I lived in Älmhult (the birth place of IKEA) back in the mid 80's I found it in an abandoned house along with some other stuff that I've since gotten rid of. It's served me well for over two decades as a bedside table, an entry hall catch-all and as a place to put down the laundry basket at our old house.



At the new place it's been moved around in the basement and hadn't really found it's place so I got an idea. I started by removing the top bit.


Then I measured to find the middle and used the straight edge of the saw to draw the line.



Then I used the same saw to – yes – saw it down the middle.



Yup, two pieces now. What on earth was I up to?



Tada! It used to serve as a bedside table in one of our old apartments and now I figured I'd use it as TWO bedside tables.



The plan was to re-paint them and attach them to the walls with L-brackets but then another thought entered my mind which kind of made them redundant…

So now I have two halves of an old wash stand and still no bedside tables. What entered my mind? I'll tell you more later!

Ps. Please ignore the cables mess, I was just trying the tables out here. You didn't think I was going to leave it as is did you?!