Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

366 Day 44-50

Februari 13

The local movie theater. Love the neon letters and the golden glitter on the yellow tiles ca 1954.


Februari 14

My poor bike waits for me every day after work to take me the last distance home. A couple of days there was too much snow and they hadn’t plowed so I had to walk to the subway. I much prefer riding my bike.


Februari 15

At the hair salon. I get my roots done every five weeks or so and of course catch up on all the gossip mags.


Februari 16

We are so over the snow and cold. Please can we have some warmer temperatures so the snow will melt?


Februari 17

I had an egg blower errand at the craft store during my lunch hour. Egg crafts! Yay!


Februari 18

The WC was getting a mini makeover this weekend.


Februari 19

Mini and Bonus together in a shot! It doesn’t happen often and usually ends with a fight.

That was week 7 2012!