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Chez Larsson

366: Day 51-57

Februari 20

Hello tootsies! Meet your new friends!
I’ve been wearing the same shoes all fall and winter long ever since I got those insole things because of my bad foot. They only fit in my Blundstones but now that it’s getting more spring like outside I’ve gotten myself a pair of NIKE Frees in which I can put the insoles. OMG, they are THE most comfy trainers ever. SO light weight! I got a pair for Wille too and he ran almost 16 km (10 miles) yesterday! He started out at home and ended up running all the way to the old town! What!? He’s only ever managed half that before. Magic shoes, I tell you!


Februari 21

A bit of grocery shopping on a Tuesday after work. A packet of tulips and some muscari also came home with me.


Februari 22

Making yet another batch of granola. This time with a mix of dried fruit instead of just apricots.



Yay! Snow is melting quickly now. It’s only the end of February but it sure is starting to feel spring like when the sun’s out!


Februari 24

And a bit of spring inside too looking out.


Februari 25

I’m on an egg blowing mission so there’s a lot of scrambled eggs going on.


Februari 26

Sunny! I can’t wait to give the back garden the much needed overhaul this spring and summer.

That concludes week 8 of 2012!