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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

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See the beige box above my head in the shot taken earlier in the fall? It’s the door bell ding dongy thing. My initial thought was to leave it and just paint the cover white. That’s before I realized that the cord in the staircase that I‘d been wondering about belonged to it…


120205_0681 red

120205_0683 red

120205_0684 red

120205_0685 red

120205_0688 red

120205_0690 red

Duh! Can you believe it?



After ripping it all down I measured 10 meters (about 10 yards) of crusty yellowed cord. Ding dong, the witch is dead!


Because the old bell was obviously operating on electricity and I wasn’t about to revive the witch I bought a battery operated bell. Again, can you believe it? Why in god’s name do they not make them white but instead a beigy color with purplish grey as an accent?!



Anyway, a quick spray painting session later mine is white. Alas too big to fit the space…



…but nothing a little bit of chipping away with a chisel can’t take care of.



This bell has eight different tunes to choose from. We couldn’t choose the bell options because Bonus freaks out when bells go off. Also the doggy bark didn’t really fit in with our household so instead we opted for a fanfare. We now approach our front door after a tuttututututuuuu.



A tiny bit of touching up with an artist’s brush helped the chiseled and sanded ends blend in with the rest of the painted wood work (which could use a bit of touching up too by the close up look of it…)



And there you have it. A loooooong post about a dead witch.