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Windows on Mac

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On Saturday I finally downloaded Windows to my Mac so I can run Photoscape and Windows Live Writer. Ever since I got my Mac I’ve missed having them so it feels good to be back on familiar ground. Windows Live Writer is by far the best and easiest way to blog and Photoscape is an extremely user friendly photo editing tool. The best around if you ask me.

I also downloaded Parallels so I can switch between Mac and Windows software as I please without having to reboot.

There are some issues that I need to look into though. For instance the keyboard goes weird on me when I try to type Swedish letters and some symbols but I think I’ll be able to figure that out via Google. Or do you guys know what to do about that? Also the frames in Photoscape didn’t really want to play along yesterday. I think I’ll have to do them differently from now on.

I felt really techy when I did all the downloading. I HATE doing tech stuff because it’s usually all so frustrating but I survived. And lived to tell about it too! Yay!


  • Leena says:

    I also hate all techy work. I tend to bribe my boyfriend to do those, not that I couldn’t do them myself but it’s just so dull.

  • I guess that you’ve already made sure, after installing Windows, that the keyboard was set to Swedish as well as the input language (in Control Panel). Other than that, I don’t know 🙁
    On another side, TypePad doesn’t have a native text processor, as Blogger or WordPress?
    Have a nice Tuesday!

  • I realize that it must be a keyboard thing but where would I set that? God, I feel so supid. I’ve been looking at the control panel but I can’t find where to change it…

  • Hxx says:

    Oh this is beyond me, but sounds very professional!

  • Helane N says:

    Sorry if this is obvious and you have already done this, but just in case… Up the top of your screen on the right hand side of the toolbar, you should have a little flag. Mine is Aussie. Have you set yours to the Swedish flag or English? If it is on English you will need to click on it, click ‘open language and text’ and choose one, or all, 3 of the Swedish options. This should give you the ability to use your keyboard to type with Swedish bits and pieces in whatever application you are using. You can go back and forth just by clicking the flag and choosing English, Swedish, Japanese, whatever. I hope this helps.

  • OOh! I need to check that out when I’m back home. I’ve never noticed a flag…

  • stacey says:

    Benita, look at the top bar on your screen, where the time and date are displayed. At the far right, next to the time, you’ll see “Spotlight”, it looks like a magnifying glass. Spotlight is “system search” for Macs. Click on it and type “System Preferences”. That’s the control panel for Mac. Don’t worry, you’ll use it like a pro pretty soon 🙂

  • Aha, I’m learning so much this morning!

  • Zosia says:

    I am sitting at my Mac now and don’t see a flag either. I would LOVE to have that as I blog in English and Polish. Maybe it needs to be set up somehow?

  • Zosia says:

    Thank you Stacey. I am learning too 🙂

  • elisa says:

    well done! you’re getting good advice here, as always x you have an apple menu (the little apple in the left top corner) where you have system preferences…lots of things you can adjust in there.
    you can also create your own shortcuts, so that if you type in a certain word it will automatically attach a special letter to it – we do this with my child’s gaelic name, so that she gets her very strange ‘ṁ’ – much easier than trying to go back and forth between languages! let me know if you want a tutorial 😉

  • Liz says:

    Helene N is right, right to the left of the sound icon in the very top right hand corner is a flag, if you click on it it says Svenska-Pro. If you don´t have it, type “Öppna Internationellt” in the spotlight type filed (that is the symbol right to the date in the same corner. There you can set all your language preferences. Liz

  • Zosia says:

    Benita, I FOUND THE FLAG! You have to turn it on. Go to the apple symbol => System Preferences => Language & Text => Input Sources tab => then you can check mark “Key board & character viewer” and “Show input menu in the menu bar” then the languageS of your choice and the flag will appear.
    It’s more fun learning with someone else than on your own. I am so glad you go the Mac 🙂

  • Zosia says:

    I meant to type “I am so glad you goT the Mac” 🙂

  • Yay!!! I will go dig for it too when I get home!

  • That’s great! I have so much to discover. And I’m so lucky to have you guys!

  • Thank you! I feel like I have my own little support desk here 🙂

  • Happy to see you’ve got the Mac help I can’t provide. I’m still a Windows 7 user :)!

  • Gaëlle says:

    Just to add to the other posts: if you are having problems with the characters using Windows applications, you need to set the right keyboard/language on the Windows side:

  • I spent a couple of HOURS yesterday trying to figure out a problem with my daughter’s new WINDOWS laptop. It won’t install iTunes for some reason. Not asking for support here, but a (future) question for Benita: As someone who hates the techy stuff, what is your opinion of it on the Mac vs. PC now that you have had experience with both? 🙂

  • Safieh says:

    I use parallels because my remote-in software for work is not compatible 100% with Mac. I really like how it works and it makes it really easy for me to remote-in quickly without having to quit everything I am doing and reboot! Enjoy!

  • It’s basically the same but a little different :). I wouldn’t say Mac’s necessarily all that much easier.

  • Carolina says:

    I do the same since my job doesn’t allow Mac on to their systems. It works great with parallel desktops. I have had the same trouble as Benita with the swedish characters å, ä, ö in Windows though so I’m so happy for the help here!

  • Helane N says:

    Don’t know whether you have found this option yet either (or this may be the same on PC), but if you want to type in, say, English but add the odd word in Swedish you can always use the alt/option key to add the necessary dots and squiggles. To type a letter with Umlaut (sorry don’t know the word in Swedish but I know you speak German) for example, type u holding the alt key down, then type u, a or o again and it will put the letter under the dots. You can try holding the alt key down and going through the keyboard to find all your options. On mine I could get everything except the å, but you may have that one somewhere on yours.
    Glad you found your little flag 🙂 All hail Sweden! 🙂

  • I recently installed crossover on my mac and I’m getting used to both of them! I personally found mac to be much easier to work with once I got used to it. Now I have to re-learn windows!

  • I did know about that but like you say, no option for å :).

  • Muyserin says:

    Benita, first of: great blog! I enjoy reading it so much!
    This isn’t the first time you mentioned Windows Live Writer. I once used it in the very early days of my blogging “career”, but abandoned it soon. I would be interested to know just why you favour it so much?
    Maybe you’ll find the time to answer me. If not, never mind.
    Best wishes!

  • The reason I love it is because it does all that Typepad’s tool doesn’t basically… Even the Typepad support staff recommends it!
    Photos upload within a sceond whereas it takes MUCH longer on Typepad. You can set a standard for how you want your photos to appear. I choose 470 px wide, centered in the middle column etc and every photo instantly ends up that way. Also it has instant spell check so I don’t manually have to click a button after I’m done writing and WLW suggests real words as opposed to Typepad that has some VERY weird suggestions AND is awkward to use etc, etc. Everything is SO much better. I see you’re using WordPress which might be better than Typepad at this though.

  • Muyserin says:

    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I do use WordPress, after having plaed around with basically every software that is out there (except typepad, that is). For text-heavy blogs, I really prefer wordpress (no, they don’t pay me). And the things you mentioned now work quite beautifully, with a little tweak here and there. But I’m also in the lucky position that my husband is an IT guy, so I really don’t know which random acts of magic he’s worked to suit the script to me every need! 😉

  • Muyserin says:

    Speaking of softwares and scripts: I also work with various languages, and to this end I use a tool called ac’tivaid. Not to bore you with details: it is a software issued by a German computer magazine that contains various tools, one of them is called CharacterAid. It runs in the background and works perfectly: when I want a foreign character, for example an “å”, all I have to do is hit the a-key several times until this character pops up. You can even ascribe a foreign character or a symbol to any key you want, e.g. the Polish “ł” goes on the l-key, of course. For me, it’s vastly useful. There might be something similar around in English? Just ask your go-to IT-nerds …

  • Sounds a bit like T9 on cellphones. Great!

  • Muyserin says:

    Oh my, you’re dead right! What a spot-on way to describe it – why hadn’t I thought of it myself?

  • paula says:

    i started using photoscape because you made a comment about it some time ago. Thanks! its really easy to use and the results are super profesional!