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Chez Larsson

366: Day 79-85

Mars 19

A certain someone will be 18 in a few weeks time (how did this happen?!) so I got some gift bags in preparation. He IS the best.


Mars 20

Wille btw was on a school trip to London Monday – Thursday so I started on a project in his room while he was away. Nothing to do with the guitar though.


Mars 21

Cooking a new recipe for dinner. Very aware that Wille probably won’t like it involving zucchini. But he LOVED it when we had the left overs when he got home.


Mars 22

Went to IKEA after work. We finally have a patio table! And some pots. And some hangers. And some shelves. And some batteries. And then some. How can you (I) can never go to IKEA to buy just one thing?


Mars 23

Bonus and Mini spend more time on our neighbors’ decks than in our own back yard. They and I are so over these cold, hard and uneven pink slabs.


Mars 24

Love the color and shape of these tulips. Too bad they’re all over the place. Stand straight in your vase dudes!


Mars 25

Seriously, Mom, get on with the new yard already!