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Wille’s Desk Corner

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21 Willes rum 3

While Wille was away in London and I was working on a project in his room (which I’ll show you later) I realized that I’ve not shown you what his desk corner looks like.

Above you see the before, what it looked like when we viewed the house the first time a little over a year ago. Mottled wallpaper with greasy head marks and blue lino floor with slipper marks around the bed area all intact.



The lino was quick to go as I’ve showed you before. Tearing it and the hundreds of nails up alongside was one of the first projects I did in the house as I wanted Wille to settle in well right away.



Lino all gone and already such a vast improvement. That stain on the right is the aforementioned grease mark. I know. Eughh!



Grease mark gone via several coats of white paint.



I had my contractors help me lay the oak floor so it would be ready prior to moving in.



Such a huge improvement! I’m telling you, if you want a good base for your home, get uniform floors, ceilings and walls, in my case oak + white. After that you can start personalize with colors. Or in my case, not.



Wille needed a new desk because the one we built at the old house didn’t really fit the new space. We went for the longest off the rack IKEA kitchen counter top available and plonked it on top of two Alex drawer units.


And here it is, Wille’s desk corner. It’s not always this tidy though.