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Chez Larsson

366: Day 107-113

April 16

I spend so much time at the computer. Do you do that too? I’m on it all day at work and then for at least a couple of hours at night and several on the weekends. I think I might need to take a break like a weekend of not touching it at all.


April 17

Cooking dinner. Chicken with peanut and lime sauce. Cooking is still only something I do because it’s necessary.

April 18

New Birkenstocks. Not the prettiest of shoes but with my wooden clogs not being great for my feet I needed something that I can quickly  slip on an wear outside.

April 19

This is a more enjoyable purchase. I love the simplicity of COS and the fact that they sell online and I can try on at home and not have to go to a store. I hate shopping for clothes.

April 20

At my mom’s house. She has this greenhouse which is absolutely crowded at this time of year until things can be brought outside.

April 21

Spring is so much further along down south and mom’s garden is also pretty sheltered so compared to up here it’s all looking quite green.

April 22

Again, everything’s so much springier down there. I hope it gets warmer here too so I can finally have my decking installed. Still waiting. Wish I could say patiently but that would be a lie.


  • Judith says:

    Oh yes – I spend WAY too much time at the computer. First it’s work, then it seems like everything you want to do these days involves some time online. I started completely ignoring the computer all weekend about a year ago, and it’s wonderful!
    Your Birkenstocks look so comfy. I love the look of wooden clogs but mine squeeze my toes something terrible, so maybe I should look into some Birks as well…

  • Jill says:

    I spend a lot of time at the computer too. I don’t watch much tv though. Do I get points for that?
    I love shopping for my home (mostly online) but not for clothes. Dressing my house is way more fun!

  • Tara says:

    Lovely shots of the garden. We’re heading into Autumn here (Victoria, Australia) so love seeing the Spring blossoms when it has been a cold rainy day. Well, cold for us 😉

  • Loving the colour that’s starting to come through in your 366 project. A lot of flowers and greenery made it into my round up this week too. The lovely bright colours and smells of spring just make you want to get outside and enjoy it while it’s here. Definitely time to get away from the laptop a little more!

  • They are. First I tried the regular version but they were too loose so I got narrow ones. They also don’t look as gnomish 🙂

  • You do! I should get points subtracted because I watch too much…

  • Alex says:

    I love your blog, it`s so uncomplicated! 😉 It looks that way…
    …It´s very complex.
    I work in a flowershop so I got spring since January, but I enjoy it more outside. Like you do.
    Very comfy are these clogs from Camper (“Eslop”) – do you know them?
    Have a nice week! X

  • Thanks, I din’t but I looked them up. I think I’d need more arch support though because that’s where my foot problerm originates apparently.

  • nalani says:

    Thanks for photo journal this week. It really hit home: computer obsession, need for aesthetic and functional slip-ons, Spring….

  • Erin says:

    I spend way too much time on computer(s) during the day. I have a Macbook and a desktop PC at work that I’m on for hours, and I’d gotten in the habit of going home and spending even more time online. I’ve significantly cut into the amount of screen-time I have, and don’t permit myself to touch my computer when I get home from work. It’s hard, and inevitably I end up finishing a blog at around 9:30, but it’s definitely gotten better! It’s a hard habit to break 🙂 Nice shoes! xo

  • Love the shoes! I have a pair myself that I only use for running around the area. I don’t feel glamorous with them on, but they’re incredibly comfortable.
    I faced the computer problem a while back. I’m in front of a screen all day at work, and then when I come home I usually do some chores or errands. Then I pull out the iPad, turn the TV on, and browse away. I feel guilty sometimes. I used to employ a challenge online called Analogue Sunday, where Sunday prohibits any TV, computer, phone, etc. and is to be spent doing something else you love. Thinking I need to pick that up again soon!

  • Zedpea says:

    Nice journal of the week – Tuesday’s dinner looked nice, even if you do only do it out of necessity! And yes, I know exactly what you mean about being stuck in front of a computer screen…

  • jja says:

    I also spent too much time in front of PC, whole day at work and then for fun in the evening. But. I didn’t turn tv for months. Instead of that I go to the cinema…and weekend has to include some friends, sport and goding out. Too much time in front of the screen harm me, my back, my eyes and my figure.
    I love COS too. Great price for some trendy stuff. I would not buy a jacket there…

  • Kari says:

    I am on the computer all day at work and sometimes at home. When I began teaching on-line classes several years ago, I instituted “no computer” Saturdays each week to help me keep my sanity and to help train students not to expect an instant reply to any question (after I had repeated situations where a student would e-mail me at 3 am and then send an angry e-mail at 6 am when they hadn’t gotten a reply!). It made such a difference. Although I no longer teach (moved into full time administration), I still do not even turn on my computer on Saturdays–I think we all need a day of rest each week.

  • Christine says:

    Yes – too much time at the computer. Ugh. First work, then home to deal with school work from the on-line classes. I make myself get outside and walk/run as often as possible, that helps keep me and our dog sane!

  • Kari says:

    Oh dear. I see there’s another Kari who posts comments here. This could get confusing. Just three quick comments today. 1. Love your Birks. I live in mine. Sometimes comfort has to trump glamour. 2. I, too, hate shopping and therefore do most of my clothers shopping online. However I do love to buy things for the house. 3. Weren’t you going to show us what was in that box that arrived from IKEA? I’d love to see.

  • I think I’d be ok with not using the computer but I don’t think I could skip TV as it’s how I relax. I know my eyes will turn square!

  • Haha!
    Yes, Saturdays might be the day I could skip computers. Can’t do Sundays though or there would be no blog :).

  • I have a post coming up soon which involves what was in that box :).

  • Beth says:

    That chicken dinner sounds delicious! Would you be willing to post the recipe? Incidentally, your blog is one of the ones I always keep uP with, no matter how busy I am. Thanks for writing it.

  • Kari says:

    And I originally chose Saturdays because I always had class prep on Sundays.
    Try it…you may like it!

  • KariWK says:

    I will try to remember to post as KariWK to reduce confusion!

  • KariMc says:

    Hi KariWK! And I will try to remember to post as KariMc.

  • I’m sorry, recipes are not something I do very often simply because they take so much work to translate.I wish I could send you a link to the original recipe but it’s in a cook book – in Swedish…

  • Erin Kleider says:

    Actually, I am thinking the birkes look pretty cute on you!