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Inherited Fossils

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The previous owners of our house didn’t leave much behind but they did leave a pile of rocks and a plank of wood with some beach finds on the patio. The board quickly went and so did some of the rocks but I realized that a major part of that pile of rocks were actually really cool fossils.



I’ve kept the fossils out back until now but I wanted to do something with them since they are so cool. Besides the pile in the top photo I also found quite a few in the flower bed next to it and they were covered in dirt so the first thing I did was give them all a bubble bath and a good scrubbing.



And check them out now! Aren’t they amazing? Some are pretty and some are quite freaky. The creepiest ones are at the bottom because Wille has trypophobia and they creep him out too much. I offered to get rid of them but he thinks they’re too cool to get rid of but at the same time he doesn’t want to look at those particular ones.



Freaky or not, they do make a nice centerpiece on the new table out back.


  • April says:

    Trypophobia? What is that? Or do you mean trypanophobia?

  • Zosia says:

    Trypophobia? We not only learn how to organize, make furniture, make cool crafts, but also enrich our vocabulary with you, Benita :-). Had to google it as I didn’t know what it was.
    I love the centrepiece. It’s so summary and beach house.

  • I actually considered warning you from Googling it because a lot of people freak out after googling images in particular because they realize that they might suffer from it without knowing.

  • Hxx says:

    I had to google it too! Awesome fossils though xxx

  • Judith says:

    Okay, first I had to google trypophobia for the definition, then when I saw your warning I had to go back and google the images! Yep, that’s enough to make your skin crawl. Love the fossils though!

  • Dawn says:

    OH GOD. That was super freaky. But now I know what my phobia is called. … I don’t know whether to be happy or freaked out.

  • I didn’t put the warning in because I figured if I told you not to google it you probably would and I guess you confirmed that, haha 🙂

  • Thank you for the enlightment! Never heard of this phobia and after googling I know I don’t suffer from it… interesting though! I wonder why some humans develop this phobia?

  • You know what, after googling and seeing the images for trypophobia, I’m not terrified but I still have the goosebumps and can’t get rid of the images from my head. I dont think Im fobic but wheeez that was wild.

  • I wonder too because it’s so irrational. I have one myself and I consider myself to be a very rational person. I CAN NOT STAND slugs, snails, worms, i e everything that’s vertebrae-less and slimy. For years when we lived in the city I wouldn’t even consider a house for fear of what might lurk in the garden. When we moved to the house and I came across the aforementioned I completely freaked. I do know it to be true that you can be rid of phobias by exposing yourself to them though because as the years went by I freaked out less and less. I still think they’re disgusting but I can now pick up a worm or a snail with its shell and and toss it away. I’m still grossed out but I can actually touch them! I still have to work on those slugs though. They’re the worst. Not many around in my new garden though I’m happy to report!

  • Judith says:

    Curiosity killed the cat!

  • elisa says:

    i’ll behave myself and NOT go look!! it’s a wonderful collection, how great. x

  • silke says:

    same here… eeek. this will actually go a long way to help me with the diet I have in mind…

  • Maddy says:

    Yes I had to go look at the Google images and yes some were gross, but I am sure there are even grosser things in Blogland!
    Benita, is that the plank of wood with the beach finds in the first photo? one of the things looks like a bird on a branch, or is that just my magination?
    Good find with the fossils, and quite mature of Wille to say dont throw them out just because they creep him out.

  • A wonderful save! They look elegant–and not too freaky–in the bowl! Maddy’s observation is right on: Wille’s encouragement was so thoughtful! P.S. Re creepy-crawleys: it’s the ‘mille-pattes’ (‘thousand-legs’) that scare me!

  • I think its your imagination,nothing that pretty graced that plank 🙂

  • homestilo says:

    What a difference a little elbow grease made.

  • Steph says:

    oh, i was half expecting you to have painted them white! 🙂

  • Holland says:

    I now know I have a case of trypophobia because — sorry! — that looks like a bowl of old teeth to me.

  • What about put them in a very light and soft green bowl, instead of the white one you are using? Just to break the uniformity of the color scheme, maybe?

  • Nancy says:

    Wow, you learn something new everyday! I love looking for fossils at rocky beaches in the summer time. There are certainly a couple of beautiful ones in your dish.
    I too used to get grossed out by slugs and white grubs (June Bug larvae) that I would find in the garden – they are so ugly, but I gradually got over it. When we first moved into our house, we found the grass in the side yard completely dug up overnight. Apparently we had a bad case of grubs, and local skunks and raccoons turned over the sod looking for them to eat. We decided to build the vegetable garden there since the ground turning had already started. We ended up finding so many grubs that I started leaving them on a tray set out on the grass about 15′ away, and the local birds, mostly robins would come and feast on them. It got to the point that if the robins weren’t sitting on the fence watching and patiently waiting for their next meal, all I had to do was tap the tray with my trowel and within a few minutes they would fly in. It was like an all you can eat grub buffet for them. I’m just glad that I don’t have to deal with banana slugs like the do in the temperate rain forests on the west coast of North America. Now those suckers are big, (as fat as your thumb and 3″-4″ long) and gross!!

  • heather says:

    What an interesting find! I guess if you’re going to find bones in a new house, lol, this is the type to find!

  • Dusa says:

    Hmm…I guess we can’t convince Wille that the fossils look like little moonscapes???

  • Saleha says:

    Not Orly dig it kill the cat, it also freaked me out!

  • the spectator says:

    Another clever turn around.
    Trypopobia. What an unusual phobia. No crumpets for Willie.

  • Luna says:

    Crumpets for sure. You know, I’ve always been afraid of Trypophobia. I just didn’t know what it was called. How do I know? I feel the same way about Tripe! I completely understand poor Wille.
    Now I must look at many many many beautiful pictures as I can. Pinterest is good for that.

  • Fee in Australia xx says:

    Benita, my oldest daughter also suffers trypophobia… its even impacted on her career choices… being very science-ie she was heading towards medical science but wouldn’t cope with microscopic blood images for example… btw she also plays trombone (no finger holes)!!!!!!!!!!!! Your new house is fabulous, i’m enjoying watching your progress with it. Happy Easter to you and Wille.

  • Yamila says:

    I am a paleontologist so if you send me some photos I can figure out what they are. I think you may have some corals and shells. Probably all marine fossils. Do you know where they are from? Where they were found?
    I do not know if I have trypophobia but I do get slightly freaked out when i see perfect circles in nature caused by insects and other small organisms such as mould, and when insects lay perfectly rounded eggs all bunched up together. It just gives me the shivers but I am cool to keep looking.
    I thought that I was just strange but now I know others are like that too and far worse. Being a zoologist and palaeontologist I do encounter perfect forms but still love them. Poor Willy!