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Wille’s Drivers License

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Eighteen is the legal driving age over here in Sweden. You can start taking lessons a little bit earlier than that but because I don’t like to drive and we don’t have a car Wille will be forced to going to driving school. It’s expensive, about 450 SEK for a 40 minute lesson (about USD 65) so Martin and I’ve decided to help him out the same way my parents helped me out 30 years ago, by paying for the lessons.



We’ve told him before that we’ll help him out but thought it would be fun to solidify that promise and add it to the 18th Birthday gifts in the shape of a mock up driver’s license.

What I did as print one I found online, Photoscape Wille’s portrait in there and switch out the personal info to his. Then I laminated it.

Hmmm. Will I get arrested for falsifying an ID? Maybe I should start a new career? B. Larsson & Son Printers…



Wille was really pleased and will probably start taking lessons this summer after school’s out. He’ll do great I’m sure as he’s much more motivated than I ever was. And it’s not like he doesn’t have any experience driving :).


  • Annie says:

    Bra present! Fick jag med när jag var i Willes ålder men har fortfarande inte börjat och jag är 33 nu! Men skam den som ger sig. Bra boost fick jag nu, ska anmäla mig på stört! Du måste verkligen var världens bästa morsa alltså. Ger tillräckligt med löplina men finns där du är om det behövs. Mer moderstips i bloggen!

  • Hej Benita!
    How cool!
    I was chuckling to myself with the fake ID…has he run it passed System Bolaget yet? Lol!
    Have a great week

  • Leena says:

    I remember it was a big thing to get the drivers license, even though I did not drive for at least seven years after I got it, I’m glad I had it. Now I need to drive to work every day, I’m happy I had the license and did not have to get it when I got the job, that would have been a hassle.

  • jend'isère says:

    Snälla, trcyker ett kort till mig! The liscense I acquired at age 16 is not valid in France, where courses are similarly priced at 50E/hr. Only 57 % pass! At least if he moves here, he can simply exchange it. Thanks for perking up the subject with the lovely packing gift bag to motivate me for my class today in rainy France!

  • Hxx says:

    Definitely need to hide that from the Police – brilliant idea though.
    How much for a passport?

  • Judith says:

    You are quite the talented counterfeiter there, Ms. Larsson 😉
    I hope Wille gets a better instructor than the one in his commercial, anyway!

  • rhonda says:

    Here in Texas one can get their license at the age of 16…thats the norm in the states. In fact one can get a hardship license at age 15 if you can prove that you really need it. I think that waiting until they are older is a much better idea. Many teens are killed each year in auto accidents in Texas.

  • Tijo says:

    Yeah. Your brain is not fully developed until you’re 25 years old. Before then you’re not quite competent to assess risk. Insurance companies know this and charge higher premiums for those under 25. (If I remember correctly some rental car companies don’t allow you to rent their cars before 25 either.)

  • Brilliant! The commercial made me laugh out loud – Wille is a natural and very photogenic (just like his mom). x

  • Marcia H says:

    Halkbåna and Elgar i Sverige… det är så svårt, men också treviligt.
    Bra präsent!

  • Inte så många älgar här i Stockholm 🙂

  • Catarina says:

    :)) This is sooo cool!!
    You’re the mother every boy dreams about!!

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve read your blog for a while now and never commented but I had to say that these gift posts really make me smile. You are so thoughtful and sweet. I hope your son appreciates you! Also love the blog. x

  • Zosia says:

    Rights of passage: spending a night in the bush, hunting a lion, getting a driver’s licence 🙂

  • monica says:

    I have been thinking about his lately (my oldest is only 12 so I have some time to go before he drives). As Rhonda said, the norm has been 16 in the States, however at least here in Massachusetts, there have been adjustments over the last decade to ensure that new drivers (under 17) only drive with family or an adult so that they can not drive a bunch of their friends around. I think this is a good trend. However, when there is talk of raising the driving age to 18- and there is talk of that- I do wonder if it will be a good thing. Many kids go off to college at that point and would loose the chance to “practice” being a good driver under the supervision of their parents that the get from driving the last year or two of high school. I shudder to think of all those 18 yr olds learning to drive, and being newly legal drivers in their college friends cars!

  • Sandy Shirley says:

    Just wondering, does Martin have a car/drive? Wondering if Wille will be planning to have a car?

  • Debbie from Chicago says:

    You are a clever Mom! Congratulations Wille. 🙂
    Here in the States a lot of parents get the terrifying job of getting their teenager behind the wheel for the first time driving the family car when they are fifteen years old. Teenagers have a learners permit, then they take driving lessons at school or through a private agency.
    Both my kids are away at college. Does Wille have plans for furthering his education?

  • Dusa says:

    Inquiring minds need to know what “snart” translates to in English?

  • It means soon :). Normally the date your license was issues is on there.

  • He still has one year left at school and then he wants to take a year off doing something else like getting a temporary job for six months and then travel for six months. After that he’s considering university.

  • Luna says:

    Driving lessons are expensive here too in Sydney, AUS. That’s such a good mock-up of the real deal.

  • That’s cool, you guys are great parents!!! I remenber that commercial, it was around the time i started to follow your blog .
    here in Brazil drivers lessons are also expensive and only for 40 minutes too.

  • Grace says:

    I think Willie has a future in front of the camera! Even though I don’t understand what he was saying…he emoted so very well!!!

  • cammie says:

    I forgot about that commercial! So funny! I’m sure Wille will be an excellent driver.

  • LauraC says:

    I can’t believe how much Wille looks like you!!! Awwww . . .

  • Kari says:

    You are actually very smart to have Wille take proper driving lessons. Parents pass on too many bad habits when they try to teach their own kids. I know they are incredibly expensive, we’re now paying for child number 2 to take them, but they are so worth it.
    Also, as a new reader, I’ve just spent the past week catching up on all your old blog posts. Loved them all. Keep up the great work.

  • Sarah says:

    I think that does depend, I am 23 years old, been driving since I was 18 and I’m very aware of risks, but I think this comes from being quite paranoid about danger etc so makes me VERY observant!! However my brother scares me to death as he is not aware at all!! He is going to be 21 this year.

  • jja says:

    It is expesive to get the driving licence here too. I think I paid all together around 2000 Euro. No, even more. And I even managed to pass the exams from the frist time, since every attempt costs a lot.
    But it was not good for me not having my own car at that time. I forgot almost everything until the moment I bought a car.

  • Gemma says:

    Oh congratulations to Wille! It is an exciting time. My husband tells me how difficult it is to get a driver’s license in Sweden, so I wish Wille all the best! Stateside it is easy-peasy 🙂

  • Debbie from Chicago says:

    Sounds like a great plan.

  • Michelle says:

    Even though it’s fake it is still interesting to see a Swedish license!
    Here in the US the license must include your home address and signature as well. We use it as a verified proof of address and signature as well as driving.