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Chez Larsson

366: Day 141-148

Maj 21

It’s been a glorious week weather wise. Wille’s room gets a lot of the heat so his windows have been open quite a bit. Mini enjoys the view.


Maj 22

My lawn is looking better and better. There are still some bald patches that I’ve filled in with grass seed and am waiting for it to start growing.

Maj 24

Bonus stayed away from the camera this week so here’s another one of Mini.


Maj 24

First mowing of the new lawn. I still water every day and still can’t walk on it properly. I stand on the old grass and push the mower over on the new grass and pull it back. I’m so over the electric mower though. We got it for the old house when we moved on and has worked well but keeping track of the cord, especially around the tree and having to carry it up and down the stairs frustrates me every week so I got a push mover the other day. Hey, it's free excersize. 


Maj 25

Getting ready to go to work on the Friday morning. Fridays are good! Fewer people in the office, get more done and get off earlier.


Maj 26

Some pretty lilacs from the tree between me and my neighbor. Technically it’s her tree but I cut what hangs over on my side.


Maj 27

Early Sunday check on the cleaning job I did on Saturday. The wood entrance section of the house had these black spots despite the fact that I cleaned everything thoroughly last year so this time I got a cleaner, Prickfritt (= Spotless) that you apply and scrub and then scrub and rinse 24 hours later, a job I did later that day. I also cleaned the rest of the front of the house on Saturday and scraped some of the wood work so I can soon start painting and make it look as good as on the back. Yay!

Voilà, week 21 of 2012!