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Car Boot Loot

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Last weekend Anne and I went to the local car boot sale, a flea market where the goods are sold from the trunks (UK boots) of the sellers’ cars, or “bakluckeloppis” in Swedish. When going to these events it’s best not to have too high hopes of finding stuff because then you don’t. I went with an open mind and found quite a few fun things:

1. A metal ornament. No use to me whatsoever but a nice decoration.

2. A glass mouse. This one will go on my desk as a paperweight. Wille wasn’t impressed.

3. Wille gave me a mission to find cool vintage sunglasses. Polaroid. Mission accomplished.

4. A Union Jack tray. there’s one exactly like it at Martin’s mom’s house and I’ve always liked it. It will go on Wille’s desk to corral all his bits and bobs.

5. Five DVD’s.

6. Two Opalex egg cups. We hardly ever eat soft boiled eggs but I couldn’t resist these. Egg not included.

7. More handles. Score!

8. A circuit board ruler and a Creatables noticeboard.

Total expenditure: 350 SEK or USD 50. I could probably have gotten away with cheaper but I’m lousy at haggling. If I decide I want something I just pay what they’re asking because I can’t be bothered…

Ps. Happy weekend!