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Chez Larsson

New Seat Cushion


When I got my desk chair it had a black wooly seat cushion. First off I’m not a huge fan of solid black in interiors and secondly the fabric was a bit scratchy so during the cold months I kept a sheep skin on the seat. That started to feel a bit too warm as spring came along so I decided to cover the seat with fabric.



I chose Aristidia by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn. Because that fabric is so expensive (I always feel guilty after shopping at ST…) I didn’t get enough to make a proper cover for back and front but instead just cut a square, zig-zagged around it and then pinned the fabric to the back of the cushion with safety pins.



This way I saved on fabric but can also remove it for easy cleaning AND if I want to use it elsewhere for something else I can. Because of the width of the fabric I even have a piece left over for a small pillow cover! Not so bad after all.