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The Gaps

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Here’s one of those posts that I’m mostly writing for my own sake as a record of what ‘s been done at the house. It’s probably not something that will going down as “most interesting” in the history of Chez Larsson but here it is never the less.



My house was built in 1954 which makes it 58 this year. Over the year the stairs to the basement at the back of the house have started shifting away from the house leaving wide gaps.



The previous owners were obviously aware of this and had taken some not very successful measures to close the gaps by filling them with junk. I have to say it didn’t do a whole lot for the look or the function of keeping soil from above trickling down when it rained hard.



So I did a bit of excavation. My finds; a plastic bag, a clothes peg, some rocks, some strips of wood and some creepy crawlies that weren’t happy that I was poking around in their home.



I had every intention to do this job myself but when my contractors came to do the other work they offered to do it for me and since my to-do list is still as long as my arm I took them up on the offer. 



They braced the opening shut with a tall board at the front and a small one at the back and used planks of wood to hold it together. Then they poured down concrete and let it cure for two days.



This is what it looked like after the brace came off.



It was a bit uneven in places but I used a wire brush and a scraper to remove the excess before the concrete had dried completely a not seen in this photo because it was after I took it.

Like I said, not the most interesting post but I’m happy that my gap’s now closed. As for the other gap along the stairs I’ll show you in the after shot when everything’s all nice and painted.