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Chez Larsson

The Hand Rail & Banister

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Exhibit A.



Exhibit B.

As you can see the banister and the handrail to the basement stairs needed a little TLC. Crusted up old paint and rust used to be the name of the game.



That’s until I got out my all-time favorite power tool, the mouse sander. Little mousey got working and quickly gnawed off all the old paint and rust. Knew I could trust him!



And a couple of licks of paint later, tadaaaa!

I chose a grey metallic instead of the original black which I had first intended. The reason being that the mechanism of the awning is aluminum and a similar color and since I’m going to stretch awning fabric between those two narrow bars I wanted the whole thing to match the awning. I think it turned out great. Now I just have to wait for the weather to go bad so I’ll be inspired to sit in the basement sewing.