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Chez Larsson

The Painted Foundation


So the foundation at the back of the house has finally been painted. I know several of you like the green color but it was so dark and dingy so I’m afraid it had to go.



And here’s the result. The same grey (called duva/dove) as at the front of the house. I like it because it’s grey but it’s light. It gives the house a base to stand of without feeling heavy.

Oh, in this shot you can see how the deck rests on the top of the stairs. A couple of you were wondering if the step down would be hazardous but on the contrary it’s safer as it’s now down as opposed to over and down before.



And here’s the before from afar. Or actually more like the during…


023 besk

… since this is the real proper ghetto before.



And here’s the “kind of after” which still isn’t 100% complete. Will keep you updated with the flower bed process a little later on when the plants I ordered arrive. So excited!