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Chez Larsson

The Tall Bit

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When I had my contractors over to do the deck I also asked them to paint the tall bit of my house. It may not look taller than the bit I painted before right next to it but there are stairs to the basement just behind that flower bed and with the way I had to lean the ladder over the railing I just couldn’t reach. Even if I stood tippy toe at the very top of the ladder. And I did.



Luckily my guys aren’t afraid of heights AND are tall so for them it was a piece of cake. They even went above and beyond and did the window frames. Like I said before I LOVE them!




Still to do: Paint the handrail, attach awning fabric below handrail, paint what’s green grey, wait for grass to grow and add to and rearrange the planting in the flower bed.



Here’s what our house now looks like sandwiched between our two neighbor’s. I love how crisp and clean it now is.