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Chez Larsson

366: Day 156-162

Juni 4

Getting ready to go to work in the morning. Last week before my summer holiday!


Juni 5

Watching TV at night. Yay, Project Runway All Star season started! A bit odd without Heidi, Michael (my favorite designer ever btw) and Tim but so nice to see the return of some of the designers. I bet you Americans know how it went since we’re probably way behind over here but please don’t spill the beans!


Juni 6

Breakfast on a day off in the middle of the week (Swedish National Day)  is unusual but so very nice. Wish it would occur more often!


Juni 7

Some strawberries for Wille. I can’t eat them but they sure look pretty!


Juni 8

My lawn is coming along nicely. I would never have thought it would look this good only a year after it was a complete overgrown mess with rotting apples and weeds galore.


Juni 9

First day of three weeks of staycation! Anne came over and we went to the local charity shop (found something great that I’ll be making over), had dinner and talked, talked and talked.


Juni 10

One of the major projects during these three weeks is to do a lot of painting in the basement. When we moved in I did the walls in my now bedroom but had skipped the ceiling because of lack of time before the movers arrived but now that I’m actually looking at the ceiling every day lying in bed I figured I’d give it a couple of coats. Such an amazing difference.

That was week 23!