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Chez Larsson

Knitted Lampshade

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To me thick yarn spells fall so I have to admit I wasn’t super inspired when Panduro sent me their craft package this time around. We had unseasonably hot summer weather when it arrived and it just didn’t feel right. I was excited to receive a Quick Knit tool though because I’ve been wanting to try one out so I grabbed my favorite color of the skeins I got and tried it out.

Btw, what’s with those colors on the Quick Knit tools?! Why not just make them plain and let what you knit have the color? These garish colors are pretty distracting if you ask me.




Anyway, I have to say knitting the regular way seems easier to me (I’m not good at that either mind you) because it took a few goes before accomplishing this little tube



I wasn’t in the seasonal mood for a scarf or a hat as the instructions suggested so I decided to spruce up my little bedside lamp.




Haha, I think it turned out quite cute. It’s a bit of color in an otherwise quite monochrome bedroom, that’s for sure!



Happy Weekend!


Ps.  I just realized that I’ve come full circle! These colors, grey and bright yellow were my favorites back in 1986 when I started my career in interior design/visual merchandizing. Fitting since I just recently turned a new leaf and am now doing something entirely different for a living.