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Chez Larsson

Airing Out

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For Wille’s birthday I got him a couple of total surprise gifts, a denim jacket and a pair of jeans. The jeans are raw dry selvage and for them to age the best and get that cool molded after your body look without being a pair of ladies stretch pants is to wait A LONG time (at least six months of regular wear) until you launder them.

If you’re like me you launder your clothes all the time and probably more often than necessary and the concept of not washing the jeans at least every week or so after wearing them feels a bit off. I realized I needed some sort of airing facility at least so I went around to hunt for a hook of some sort.



It was a lucky hunt (pun intended) when I found this rhino hippo hook for a song in a local shop. There were other species available but the rhino hippo was white so…



I mounted him on the balcony off the den next to Wille’s rooms where the Thin Finns can hang while being aired out.



From the inside we can see that they’re there so we don’t forget.



We air them inside out so they won’t fade in the event of sunshine and also because it lets the inside breathe.

I realize that Mr. Rhino Hippo was probably intended for a kid’s room but I think he looks pretty good and happy there. At least’ I’ve given him a view.