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Awning Fabric on the Banister

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So I’ve promised you photos of what I ended up doing with banister by the stairs to the basement in the back yard.




Here it is in all it’s past ghetto glory. One of the first things I did when I got access to the house was remove the wire fencing that was attached to the banister with bright green plant ties.




And here’s the lovely view with the deep overgrown weedy flower bed in front.



And a view with the flower bed plank and deck in place and fence still to be done. Bonus made sure everything went according to plan.



As you may remember I sanded and painted the banister and by then I had also made the decision to use the same fabric for the banister as for the awning I already had up but I did consider all kinds of options such as making a 50´s style zig-zag pattern with clothes line and having someone come weld in uprights.



And here was the nude version of the banister.



I also considered various way of attaching the fabric to the metal rods but decided on the option that was least stringy/eyelet-y, Velcro.



I’m sorry, no tutorial as I just winged it all the way and wasn’t really sure what I was doing but basically I sewed Velcro on top and bottom so the male and female would meet when folded over the rods. It took a few gos until I had the proper positions but in the end it worked out.





Here’s the back velco-side view just after I got all the panels up in the rain…



And here’s the front view. There’s a little bit of pulling where I had to merge two pieces to get the right width. The awning fabric isn’t very easy to handle in the machine so in the end I just decided to ignore it. I’ve planted three white hydrangeas in front and they're supposed to become taller than the banister when they’re mature so then those little mistakes won’t be visible any longer.



Mini enjoys her new view. And so do I.